How Often Should You Blog?

This is a personal decision. Of the 300+ bloggers I follow, it varies greatly. Some only post a couple of times/month (as in 1-2/month or 1-2/week) and others post dozens/day, usually it’s somewhere in the middle.

One cheat you can use is when you have spare time, schedule blog posts instead of posting them all at once. Most of the blog posts that I posted before 11 A. M. U. S. Central Time today were scheduled last night. I have one blog post scheduled for early tomorrow morning, it’s Gaming Sunday. I have one scheduled to post in an hour which may sound familiar as it accidentally posted earlier today. I went ahead and rescheduled it. I have one blog post scheduled for early March which I have mentioned before: Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival. You can get more information at You can also find stuff on YouTube:

Another option is to allow guest bloggers. I haven’t done this, but if anybody wants to guest blog here, my rules are pretty simple: keep the language clean, no politics, and ideally, post about something that fits my pretty broad range of topics although if you have something else, I would consider it on a case-by-case basis although most things Middle-Earth/Lord of the Rings or BBQ  related are good:

Eclectic Mix of Genealogy, Bipolar Depression, Mental Health, Mental Illness, DNA, History, First Nations (aka Native Americans), Military History, World War II, Cemeteries, CrowdFunding, Authors/Writing, and Gaming (RPGs, Board Games, Wargames, etc.).

To tie into the above, my blog post scheduled in about an hour involves this blogger and specifically this blog post: I don’t know the blogger personally, bu he is in the process of publishing his memoirs. I like how he has opened up his blog to guest bloggers. I will continue to highlight individual bloggers and sometimes specific blog posts as I find ones that catch my attention.

Another easy way to blog more is to re-blog an earlier post. My blog originally started using a different URL back July 2013. I doubt most people have read much, if any of my blog posts from back then. Some are worth re-blogging. One I will probably re-blog in two (2) days is January 14, 1986 – A Day That Changed My Life which is  a newer post. In my re-blog, I may focus on things I didn’t cover when I posted it originally.

Another way to blog more is to set specific days as theme days. For example, Gaming Sunday is a big post I do every Sunday focusing on gaming related stuff. Mississippi Mondays is focused on Mississippi related, sometimes museum/historical-genealogical society related or possibly a blogger who has ties to Mississippi. I will be doing a Kansas day, but I don’t know any days that start with K or C. I am also working on doing a cemetery day with an emphasis on some of the lesser known graving sites. I will be doing a DNA themed day where I focus on companies that are as popular as the major DNA companies. I may not find some of them personally useful, I have seen enough requests and comments on Facebook by people who may be interested in them.



About ICT Genealogist

Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. Live in Wichita, Kansas now. I suffer Bipolar I, ultra-ultra rapid cycling, mixed episodes. Blog on a variety of topics - genealogy, DNA, mental health, among others. Let's
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