USS Wichita (LCS-13) Commissioning January 12, 2019

Update: you can view the commissioning on YouTube: you missed it.

Received in an e-mail from the Wichita Eagle earlier today: It appears to start at 9 A. M. U. S. Central Time. You can also view at (not live yet, but should be live tomorrow once the ceremony starts).

This is the third ship to be named USS Wichita: The main Wichita public library has a small display of the USS Wichita (CA-45), heavy cruiser – although I am not sure where they located it in the new library. In the old library, it was in the basement. It also has a spot in Veteran’s Memorial Park in Wichita (#15): Google Maps:,-97.346051/@37.6905154,-97.3461389,69m/data=!3m1!1e3. Two photos from VMPWI: and

You can see some basic information on the newest USS Wichita (LCS-13), littoral: You can also see the second USS Wichita (AOR-1), oiler:

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