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If you are not familiar with, it’s another cemetery or graving site. You will sometimes find people listed on that you won’t find on Find-A-Grave, BillionGraves, or some of the other graving websites. It’s funded through a sponsorship with GenealogyBank, a major newspaper archive website. It is owned by Clear Digital Media, Inc. It’s free to use and you can submit transcriptions to the site. You can also show by first and last name to see if a record has been added.

It has over 6 million records available which makes it one of the larger graving sites. Find-A-Grave has over 171 million memorials as of last time I saw them show a total. BillionGraves has over 25 million records. I don’t know how many the various sites have as they aren’t easy to compile numbers short of visiting each site, adding the numbers, and hoping you can easily find the numbers for each of the individual sites. For example, shows as having over 1,205,000 headstone photos. The link to the other site can be found at There are a few other graving sites that have a large number of records, like GenealogyTrails and U. S. GenWeb Tombstone Project, and I will be highlighting many of the less familiar graving sites over the coming year.

Here’s the current list of other websites from the above link. Note: not all states are listed.

Below you will find a list of websites that are using the GPP software:


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6 Responses to Another Cemetery Site

  1. Jamie Gates says:

    This site really was invaluable when I first started my research; Find-a-Grave existed back then, but its popularity wasn’t what it is today. I’m glad you’re highlighting so many of these sites on your blog–I imagine it helps a lot of new researchers, and it’s reminded me to go back and check for updates on the sites I haven’t visited in a while. So thank you!


    • ICT Graver says:

      You are welcome. I will be doing some of the other less known graving sites as well since people often only think of Find-A-Grave or BillionGraves. There are times I found somebody on one of the less popular sites that I didn’t find on the two most popular graving sites.

      I had a distant cousin who died in 1864. I only had her maiden name, but I knew where she had died. I couldn’t find her until I found an Iowa WPA graving site that allowed me to do first name only searches. There were only a handful with her first name for the county and one of them turned out be her. I later verified her marriage since she was listed under her married name.

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