My 1,000th Blog Post

Update: If this seems like a familiar post, it’s because I wasn’t paying attention and accidentally posted it before it was the 1,000th post several hours ago. You weren’t seeing things. Now that WordPress shows I am 999 998 published posts, I am posting it again. Seems WordPress was playing with me as it showed 999 published posts the next time I decided to publish it. However, after scheduling it, WordPress showed 998 published posts and I was in the middle of something so it wind up posting as #999 although since WordPress ate my first blog post, it’s technically #1,000.

A big thank you to those who read my blog, follow me, like a post, or comment. It’s appreciated.

If I do it right, this will actually be the 1,000th blog post, if I count the very first that WordPress ate, and not counting the 80+ draft posts and 3 (soon to be 2) scheduled posts. Some of my earlier milestone blog posts are:

My 900th Blog Post

800th Blog Post

My 700th Blog Post

My 600th Blog Post (Try 2)

5th Blogversary and 500th Post

Blog Post Number 400

My 300th Blog Post – Sort of

200th Blog Post – MIA as I can’t find it even though I did one.

100th Post Or Is It? Reflections – Past, Present, and Future

Since the 900th blog post, I hit 100+ posts in December 2018 as well as having two months, November and October, with over 100 posts each month.My home Internet is still my cell phone which makes posting from home a lot less fun than it sounds. I don’t have the extra money to go with even a cheap ISP. This blog post was started at my favorite “fast food” restaurant (corporate dislikes their restaurants being called fast food) and finished it at Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society:

A big part of this blog post is directed inward as I found that doing these milestone posts help me keep track of what I want to accomplish with my blogging and where I need to improve. I recommend other bloggers come up with a way to track how you want your blog to progress, it can be milestone posts or a schedule where you keep track of where you want to be. At some point, I will probably switch to a semi-annual or quarterly milestone post. Find a system that works for you and modify it as you need to.

From my blog’s description:

I was trying to use the above as a guide although based on 2018 results: 2018 Blog Stats in Review, it looks like Genealogy and DNA posts were my most popular by far. I will still include other topics from the above list and try to re-blog or post about bloggers who I find noteworthy or interesting.

I mentioned this in my 900th blog post, but thought it still applies:

A snippet from the 800th blog post and if people have suggestions for topics or posts based on the above topics, please feel free to make suggestions:

Also, if you have suggestions (blogs, games, topics, etc.) you want to hear about, I will try and cover as many as possible. I don’t have paid access to Ancestry so there are some limits to what I can do in cases where I don’t have paid access or I haven’t purchased a product.

I will continue re-blogging and sharing other bloggers posts. I try to make sure I’m not re-blogging too often which means I try to include posts in between them to break it up. I try to keep a good balance between posts that are my own and re-blogs/sharing.

I finally posted the Three Stooges post even though I was still missing one supporting BillionGraves headstone: Three Stooges Burial Locations. I hope somebody will eventually take the last headstone photo and I will update the post once that happens. If you happen to be in the area and have the BillionGraves app, please help me out:

Harold Brauer (not a Stooge, but one of two actors who appeared with all 6 Stooges)
Other names (besides “Tiny”)
Harold Brauer
Bill Brauer
Bill Brawer (photo request has been submitted around July 13, 2018 – still not filled as of January 4, 2019)

My very long blog post (25,000+ words) is slowly getting done. It’s about various DNA companies, including most that aren’t traditional genealogical DNA testing companies. I will be posting about some of the companies as they may meet a need you didn’t know you had.

I haven’t done a lot of product, service, or book reviews lately, but I will be doing more as time allows. Always treat any review by me or somebody else as  Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV).

My posts on crowdfunding also known as crowdsourcing opportunities will continue. It’s a great way to help your for-profit, non-profit, etc. out.

I will continue focusing on writer, author, blogger posts as it’s an area that often get much attention except by those who are trying to sell you their services.

It’s still on my to-do list, but vlogging is still a goal. I may be closer to the audio side as I know somebody who has a decent audio system they might let me borrow. Another goal is to debate with temporarily going with a paid personal WordPress account even though it limits me in a lot of ways.

Keeping my blog G-rated is a high priority. I do occasionally link to sites or blogs that fall under Not Suitable for Work (NSFW) or has profanity and I do my best to warn (usually in bold red letters) if I am aware the link has NSFW or profanity.

Update on the Links tab: Getting closer, but not as close as I want to be.

I have started some draft posts on museums, and hope to publish some of them in the near future.

Been doing good at updating the Current Monthly DNA Sale: Current January 2019 DNA Sales post every day or every other day except when WordPress eats the update which happens more often than I think it should.

On the Uncategorized, there should be none listed since I check it on a regular basis as I sometimes forget to uncheck the Uncategorized Category and I noticed only one had slipped through this month (  It’s usually from re-blogging, but sometimes I forget to put a Category which throws in the Uncategorized list. Removed the handful (around 6 – 9) that I missed.

My goal is to post at least four (4) blog posts/day although some days may see a bit more. I do have some saved draft posts that can be used to meet this goal if I’m at home. I also schedule posts on a regular basis. As an example, if a post shows up late at night or early in the morning, it’s usually a scheduled post. There are exceptions as I sometimes post late night from my friends’ house.



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Originally from Gulfport, Mississippi. Live in Wichita, Kansas now. I suffer Bipolar I, ultra-ultra rapid cycling, mixed episodes. Blog on a variety of topics - genealogy, DNA, mental health, among others. Let's
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10 Responses to My 1,000th Blog Post

  1. Jamie Gates says:

    Your post about DNA companies (if it’s the list I’m thinking of–the one linked to in your site’s menu) has really helped my research. I’m most interested in reading the museum posts that you allude to, though! History’s kind of my thing.


    • ICT Graver says:

      Jamie, if you mean this one,, I am in the process of updating it. It will include some new companies.

      On my Mississippi Mondays posts, I frequently choose a Mississippi museum, but my goal is to expand to other museums as well. One post is documenting as many ship, submarine museums I can find. I will probably use some of the links from it to do posts about the museums.

      When I went to Finland, Estonia, with a layover in Amsterdam, I got to see a few museums, a castle, a fortress, and a bunch of other stuff. Need to see if I can find the photos from that trip as I have some pretty nice shots.

      Liked by 1 person

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