Beauty, Parents, Zombies

Late last night, WordPress had Beauty, Parents, Zombies for the suggested topics. I thought of a great writing prompt using these three (3) words.

What’s the one thing you don’t normally associate with Zombies? Beauty; it doesn’t matter how beautiful they were before being zombified, they were generally shown as not very beautiful once somebody becomes a zombie. Using the other word, parents was easy to add. Either your child or parent(s) became zombies, and you are trying to hide them from others who tend to want to make sure your loved ones go back to being dead so you do this by making them beautiful enough nobody thinks they are zombies.

I decided to research beautiful zombies and it seems there’s an attractive zombie trope that I somehow missed. I have seen some stories about zombies who were hidden by loved ones, but those tended to fall into the ugly zombie variety. I am not a huge fan of zombie movies or books, but I am surprised that I somehow missed this trope.

My definition of zombie doesn’t follow some who agree with this statement found on

In the most general sense, “zombie” may apply to any living dead creature that is not incorporeal, does not drink blood, and is not wrapped in bandages.

I define zombie as someone who was either dead and raised from the dead as a zombie or was alive and infected by a zombie that turned them into a zombie. Using TV Tropes definition, pretty much anything qualifies as a zombie if they aren’t a ghostly type, drink blood (vampires and similar undead), or a mummy (or some other type that’s wrapped in bandages).



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