Working on Updating My Master’s Thesis – Nonprofit Usage of Social Media

Back in 2011, I submitted my Master’s thesis: Nonprofit Usage of Social Media that was approved. Early on, I tried to get it amended to include for-profit businesses, but my Adviser wouldn’t approve the change. She was from Russia where nonprofits and for-profits are a lot different than in the United States (U. S.). The big difference between a local historical and genealogical society (Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society aka MHGS and Target is one isn’t supposed to make a profit and the other should. However, it’s misleading because if MHGS doesn’t generate enough income to cover the current year’s bills as well as develop enough of a cushion to cover the expected rise in expenses predicted for the next year, it’s going to be in a world of hurt at some point.

Since I am no longer bound by my Adviser as I graduated in 2011, I figured this would be a good time to evaluate the major changes in social media between mid-2011 and now as well as add how for-profits can utilize social media. For example, crowdfunding has grown by leaps and bounds. I hadn’t considered crowdfunding in my thesis.

I haven’t figured out all the details yet, but I do have my original thesis as a good base to begin the process. As I go through the process, I will take bits and pieces from my thesis and build a new thesis on the possibility I may one day go for a doctorate. If anybody has suggestions on things they would like to focus on, I’m open to suggestions. I will cover Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other video channels like Twitch, Vimeo, crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, Ko-fi, Patreon, and crowdfunding geared specifically for nonprofits, several of which are mentioned in these two (2) blog posts: Top 10 Crowdfunding Platforms of 2018 According to and The Rest of the Top 20 Crowdfunding Sites.

I started my Master‘s thesis in mid-2009 when MySpace was still a major player in social media. During the next two (2) years, it was interesting to see Facebook grow and MySpace shrink. There were other changes to social media during this time and I had to adjust my thesis numerous times to address the changes. It was also fun to see how things changed. Here’s a recent post I did: Have You Linked All of Your Social Media Sites to Your Blog? I wish Wikipedia hadn’t removed (or moved it somewhere I can’t find it) one of their best graphics about what it thinks social media is. It included sites I hadn’t considered as being social media. This is a fair timeline I found on Wikipedia:


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