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The Legal Genealogist’s Christmas Wish 2018 — The Legal Genealogist

Merry Christmas! From The Legal Genealogist to all those who have so enriched my life in 2018… I wish you the merriest of Christmases! Disclaimer Terms and conditions may apply. Timely delivery of wishes from this server through the Internet … Continue reading

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MyHeritageDNA Unboxing Day $49 Sale Ends Wee Hours December 27, 2018

In doing my regular checking of daily prices for Current December 2018 DNA Sales, I saw MyHeritageDNA had Unboxing Day sale of $49/kit with free shipping if you order 2+ kits in one order; it ends in the early hours … Continue reading

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Self Published vs. Traditional Published

This is a topic that won’t die in most writers groups on Facebook. One reason is needs to die is simple: the odds of getting picked up by a traditional publisher are very low. They may not be as bad … Continue reading

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Dads Can Pass mtDNA to Children

Fathers can pass mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) onto their children: https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/fathers-can-pass-mitochondrial-dna-to-children-65165. It’s not known how common this happens and according to some, it only happens if there’s a problem with the mother’s mtDNA. It’s a good reason, in my opinion, for … Continue reading

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