Three Stooges Burial Locations

I was waiting on one last headstone photograph, Harold J. “Tiny” Bauer, for both BillionGraves and Find-A-Grave, but doesn’t look those are going to get done anytime soon. I started this post on July 13, 2018 and decided to go ahead and post it since I have referenced this post a few times this year. Hopefully, somebody will take and upload photos for both graving sites one day.

Updated December 22, 2018 (earlier updates were back in September 2018 with the first save dating to mid-July 2013): Still waiting on Harold Bauer’s BillionGraves headstone photo to be added.

Three Stooges:
Moe Howard (born Moses Harry Horwitz)

Emil Sitka aka The Fourth Stooge

Shemp Howard (born Samuel Horwitz)

Larry Fine (born Louis Feinberg)

Curly Howard *aka Jerome (born Jerome Lester Horwitz)

Joe Besser (born Jerome Besserer)

Joe DeRita for cemetery location.

Harold Brauer (not a Stooge, but one of two actors who appeared with all 6 Stooges)
Other names (besides “Tiny”)
Harold Brauer
Bill Brauer
Bill Brawer (photo request has been submitted around July 13, 2018 – still not filled as of December 22, 2018)

Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Death Record
Name: Harrld J. Brauer*
State of Issue: New York
Date of Birth: Saturday June 26, 1909
Date of Death: Monday March 19, 1990
Last known residence: North Hollywood; Los Angeles County; California  91605
*name as it appeared in one of my SSDI searches.

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