Why I Started Blogging & How I Blog Regularly for Over a Year — Alicia Lidwina

With the coming of December, this means I have been posting regularly on my blog every single week for one whole year. Okay, maybe more than a year. Back in 2017, when I challenged myself to be more active in this blogosphere, I half-expected myself to quit halfway through, just like how I usually do my […]

via Why I Started Blogging & How I Blog Regularly for Over a Year — Alicia Lidwina.

Alicia makes a good point:

To be honest, one of the main reasons why I started blogging in the first place was because I needed a place where I can put information about my books. I first realized about the need to have an online presence when I received news that my manuscript of 3 (Tiga) was getting published.

If you plan on being an author, you really need a blog as you can use posts on the blog to let people know about your books as well as a way to let them know of how your next book is coming. A friend posts short excerpts from his current Work In Process (WIP) as a way to let his readers know how it’s going. He sometimes solicits feedback if he is stuck or debating different routes to take in a scene. I am basing the above on a number of authors who noticed a big difference in sales once they started blogging.

I haven’t decided if becoming an author is a route I want to take, but if I do decide to make the jump from blogger to author, potential readers can see what I write in general terms.

As somebody who has been blogging for a few years now, it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s also can be labor intensive in some cases. I suggest if you go with blogging, either as an author or as a blogger, you do so on a regular basis. Most blog platforms offer scheduling which is a great way to get around time crunches.

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