My 900th Blog Post

If I do it right, this will actually be the 900th blog post, not counting the very first that WordPress ate, and not counting the 77 draft posts and 5 (soon to be 4) scheduled posts. Some of my earlier milestone blog posts are:

800th Blog Post

My 700th Blog Post

My 600th Blog Post (Try 2)

5th Blogversary and 500th Post

Blog Post Number 400

My 300th Blog Post – Sort of

200th Blog Post – MIA as I can’t find it even though I did one.

100th Post Or Is It? Reflections – Past, Present, and Future

Since the 700th blog post, I hit 100+ posts in two months (October and November 2018) and may hit 100+ in December. While this may not seem a milestone to many, it is a huge one for me. Why you ask? Because my home Internet is my cell phone and prior to a couple of weeks ago, I hadn’t ever used my cell phone to post on my blog. This blog post is being done at my friends’ house. They don’t mind me using their Internet when I am at their place. I gave up home Internet from Cox Communications after a disagreement with the company over something they assured me wouldn’t happen. That was early 2015. Which was shortly before my original blog, had an update disaster that made me unable to do anything with my blog. Thankfully I had exported it a few days before the update fiasco happened. I tried to recover it for several months before giving up. Eventually I went ahead and imported the XML file that I had downloaded. Not exactly a banner year for me in terms of Internet stuff. It put me in a slump as I had other things going on that weren’t Internet related. In addition to sometimes using the Internet at my friends, I also use a doughnut shop free Wi-Fi, the historical/genealogical society where I volunteer two days a week, and on rare occasions, the library. During those times I often schedule blog posts for later in the week.

A big part of this blog is directed inward as I found that doing these milestone posts help me keep track of what I want to accomplish with my blogging and where I need to improve. I encourage other bloggers to come up with a way to track your progress, be it milestone posts or a schedule where you keep track of where you are wanting to be. At some point, I will probably switch to a semi-annual or quarterly milestone post. Find a system that works for you and modify it as you need to.

From my blog’s description:

I try to use the above as my guide with an eventual goal of a more balance between the different topics above. I have gotten better in some aspects and need to work on a better overall balance.

A snippet from the 800th blog post and if people have suggestions for topics or posts based on the above topics, please feel free to make suggestions:

Also, if you have suggestions (blogs, games, topics, etc.) you want to hear about, I will try and cover as many as possible. I don’t have paid access to Ancestry so there are some limits to what I can do in cases where I don’t have paid access or I haven’t purchased a product.

I started re-blogging and sharing other bloggers posts. That will continue. I try to keep a good balance between posts that are my own and re-blogs/sharing. In some cases, I share or re-blog without adding a comment. In other cases, I add comments. I will continue to re-blog/share posts that I find interesting, funny, silly, or relevant. I will like or comment on another blogger’s post without sharing or re-blogging.

Nothing much has changed since July 2018 on the Three Stooges post I have been working on. Still waiting on one last headstone photograph: if you know anybody in the Queens area of New York who has the BillionGraves app, here’s the last headstone I need – photo request has the grave location:

Harold Brauer (not a Stooge, but one of two actors who appeared with all 6 Stooges)
Other names (besides “Tiny”)
Harold Brauer
Bill Brauer
Bill Brawer (photo request has been submitted around July 13, 2018 – still not filled as of December 11, 2018)

I am a bit closer to finishing my very long blog post (25,000+ words, give or take) on the various DNA companies. Many of them I haven’t talked about yet, but I plan on introducing most of the DNA companies and what they offer since some of them offer things that other DNA companies don’t.

I haven’t done too many product or service reviews, but will be doing some in the near future, including a book review of Grump once I receive the book in a week to ten days. Thanks to for her review. Looking forward to reading the book as I enjoy a good parody.  As I mentioned previously, you should always treat my experiences with a company, product, or service as Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV).

I will also continue to highlight crowdfunding also known as crowdsourcing opportunities and why it can be a great way to generate funding for projects. These projects aren’t only limited to for-profit businesses or individuals as nonprofits can potentially benefit from them as well.

I will also continue focusing on author, writer, and blogger posts as there are many ways you may be able to use the information. If you come across anything you think I may want to re-blog or share, please let me know. My goal is to start vlogging, but that will most likely be a while unless I come across a way to access good audio or camera equipment for a reasonable price or rental fee. Still looking for a way to come up with a way to make money off my blog that doesn’t cost me more than I make in exchange. At some point, I will go with a business WordPress account, be it through WordPress or a third party vendor.

As previously noted, my goal is to keep my blog G-rated, and it’s a big goal. I don’t use profanity on my blog and I won’t approve a comment that has profanity in it. I may occasionally link to a blog or website that is Not Suitable for Work (NSFW) or has profanity. I will do my best to warn people in advance. However, some bloggers rarely use profanity and so I may not catch the blog has profanity in it. As a rule, I don’t recommend viewing my blog at work unless your work or job (i.e., reviewer, blogger) allows you to do so.

Update on the Links tab: I am not as close to having the scheduled blog post I plan on using to redo the Links tab ready to post as I keep finding things I need to fix. I was going to post it November, 2018 with an earlier date of October, 2018.

This next one hasn’t fully happened yet, but I do have a number of websites to highlight that are usually run by the museum or support groups of museums. I have talked about Gulfport Historical Museum/Society on several occasions, most recently: Letter from Gulfport (Florida) Historical Society.

I haven’t progressed too much on this goal, but it’s still on my To-Do list:

I am still working on a list of ships and other items (planes, museums, etc.), but it is going slower than I planned. I may do it in stages as there are plenty of things of interest.

I forgot about this item on my last blog post, but I finished it as part of this blog post: Dinosaur Park, Derby Kansas:

I am also working on a coupe of interesting posts on the Flintstones and dinosaur parks which aren’t about the Flintstone cartoons as much as it about two Flintstone themed parks that are now closed and several dinosaur parks that you can still visit, including one of the newest ones in Derby, Kansas:

I have been trying to keep the Current Monthly DNA Sale post updated every day or so and I have been good about updating it every other day and sometimes daily. It would help if WordPress stopped eating some of my updates.

On the Uncategorized, there should be none listed, but I check it on a regular basis as I sometimes forget to uncheck the Uncategorized Category and I noticed only one had slipped through this month (  It’s usually from re-blogging, but sometimes I forget to put a Category which throws in the Uncategorized list.



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10 Responses to My 900th Blog Post

  1. 900 posts is amazing! I think I’m still somewhere in the 600’s! Hope you like the book 🙂


    • ICT Graver says:

      Amazon gave me free shipping with it arriving between Dec. 17 – 21 or I could have paid half what the book cost for shipping to have it arrive Dec 17. I opted for free shipping. Looking forward to it as your review sold me on it. I don’t usually go with reviews as too many are meaningless. However, when it comes to a parody, I find reviews tend to be a bit more reflective or totally off the wall, depending on if the reviewer.

      I don’t remember where I saw the Night of the Living Trekkies book I mentioned in my Zombie post, but after seeing the video, it sold me.

      Parodies can be well done or poorly done, but often the call depends on the person’s opinion of the original work. I enjoyed Star Trek (The Original Series), but a diehard fan might take exception to this parody even if it’s only based on a Trek convention. Having been to a number of Trek/sci-fi/fantasy conventions, some of the events mirrored what happens at conventions, minus the Zombie aspect. Unless you count the living Zombies that usually show up after a few days of little or no sleep.


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