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Why I Started Blogging & How I Blog Regularly for Over a Year — Alicia Lidwina

With the coming of December, this means I have been posting regularly on my blog every single week for one whole year. Okay, maybe more than a year. Back in 2017, when I challenged myself to be more active in … Continue reading

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I Added a Blog Award Acceptance Policy

After recently reading another blogger’s policy – https://www.damyantiwrites.com/2014/01/19/blog-awards-negatives/, I decided to use a modified version of hers. It’s one of the tabs at the top of my blog page My Blog Award Acceptance Policy. On the extremely unlikely off-chance I get … Continue reading

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Book Review Updates

After reading a few interesting books and ebooks lately as well as some books that I will be receiving this month, I will start doing some book reviews. They will probably include spoilers. Contrary to some who think you shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Gulf Coast Gypsy — The Salty Caballo

Welcome friends, I’m so excited you’ve come to check out my blog. A little about me: I’m an East Texas girl, living on the Gulf Coast with my Captain husband. I enjoy all things old, trash turned treasure, and making … Continue reading

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WordPress Zombies Category

As one of the three topics to pop up a bit ago was Zombies: https://wordpress.com/read/search?isSuggestion=1&q=Zombies. Seems like I keep coming up with Zombies as a theme lately. I recently purchased this book using a gift certificate I earned through a … Continue reading

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My 900th Blog Post

If I do it right, this will actually be the 900th blog post, not counting the very first that WordPress ate, and not counting the 77 draft posts and 5 (soon to be 4) scheduled posts. Some of my earlier … Continue reading

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