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Feeling Grateful — Applegate Genealogy

Back in May, I was a recent college graduate who started a genealogy blog in the midst of applying for teaching positions, moving out of an apartment and studying to take the Praxis. Life was hectic and stressful and confusing, … Continue reading

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MyHeritageDNA Adoption Success Stories

Note: the dates and other information below were from late August or early September 2018 when I originally started this blog post, and I chose to keep them. In my MyHeritageDNA $59 Labor Day Sale Ends September 3, 2018 post … Continue reading

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How I Choose Blogs to Follow

There are a number of ways I choose new blogs to follow. I look at the Reader section of WordPress which includes the blogs I follow as well as checking out the Discover and Search sections, but every so often … Continue reading

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5 Unusual Methods to Grow Your Fan Base As An Author – novelwritingandediting

Via https://novelwritingandediting.com/2018/07/09/5-unusual-methods-to-grow-your-fan-base-as-an-author/https://novelwritingandediting.com/. From the blog: 1. Accessory Announcements 2. Leveraging Social Proof 3. The Power of Swag 4. Using The Media 5. Give to Get Very good points as they describe some ways to achieve each of the … Continue reading

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