Star Trek STUNT DOUBLES doubles its offerings! — Fan Film Factor

Ah, how do I describe STAR TREK STUNT DOUBLES to the uninitiated? The words wacky, zany, low-budget, irreverent, unpredictable, funny, low-budget, inspired, creative, one-man show, clever, did I mention low-budget?, wild, crazy, thr0w-caution-to-the-wind, Star Trek fan film parody vignette series all seem to get close…but not quite there yet. Star Trek Stunt Doubles is a “I’m…

via Star Trek STUNT DOUBLES doubles its offerings! — Fan Film Factor. You may have to click on the link to hear the audio as I couldn’t find a link for it.

I haven’t listened to the interview or watched any of the videos, but I find fanfic (fan fiction) to sometimes be much better than one would think. With Star Trek, you may to fight CBS as they have strict rules on what they approve as fanfic. An easy workaround is parody/satire since U. S. Copyright law allows exception to copyright when something falls under parody or satire. If I wanted to do of Star Trek Discovery (STD), I could do it and CBS couldn’t do anything to stop me. The key with parody or satire is to make sure it blatantly obvious you are doing parody/satire. You don’t want to use subtle attempts as a good law firm could argue that you didn’t meet the standard. The same applies to books if you decide to use parody/satire instead of making a YouTube video. I don’t have great editing skills or software so I would have to resort to audio only, but a ebook or series of ebooks is more doable for me. I could flood Amazon, Nook, GoogleBooks, iBooks, etc. with my parody versions of STD. The good thing is I wouldn’t need to spend the money for a subscription to CBS as Wikipedia, Facebook, and fan sites have more than enough information for me to pull it off.

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