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Challenging Steam — The Ancient Gaming Noob

I suppose the real questions are how Steam got to be so popular in the first place and why it hasn’t really felt much in the way of heat from challengers up until now? In hindsight it seems like some … Continue reading

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FindMy Past Fridays December 7, 2018

A bit behind as I forgot about adding the post until it was too  late for me to get it done timely, but backdating it to yesterday. The latest FindMyPast Friday post: https://blog.findmypast.com/findmypast-friday-december-7th-2622662940.html. British Army, Honourable Artillery Company Over 18,000 … Continue reading

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Star Trek STUNT DOUBLES doubles its offerings! — Fan Film Factor

Ah, how do I describe STAR TREK STUNT DOUBLES to the uninitiated? The words wacky, zany, low-budget, irreverent, unpredictable, funny, low-budget, inspired, creative, one-man show, clever, did I mention low-budget?, wild, crazy, thr0w-caution-to-the-wind, Star Trek fan film parody vignette series … Continue reading

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Mississippians at Pearl Harbor – Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Updated December 7, 2019 – re-checked those who don’t have headstone or cenotaph markers. Updated December 08, 2018: Mostly done for now, but am working on checking other graving websites to see if they have any of these individuals listed.  … Continue reading

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