Fears at Work — Little Fears

So stuff keeps happening. I made an attempt at upgrading WordPress to 5.0. It’s gone tragically wrong. I’ve had to re-install the entire website and I’m unable to upload a back up more than 8mb. I’ve tried a great many workarounds on the internet and none of them seems to be working. I’ll figure it…

via Fears at Work — Little Fears.

I have no plans to upgrade to WordPress 5.0 for a while; basically, until I am forced to, or six (6) months as it usually takes companies that long to work out the worst bugs they didn’t catch during the alpha and beta testing. Not that I am sure WordPress went with alpha and beta testing.

I tried it several times when it first became an option and it was beyond bad. Which is why I am not using it now. No doubt once they work out many of the major bugs, it will become better.

(Addit) Thankfully, my laptop has a Professional Version of Windows 10 as it means I can choose to download an update on my schedule as several updates killed it and I was forced to reinstall using System Restore which cost me a lot of re-loading time as the restore didn’t restore many games and other software that had been saved.

I learned a long time ago that the next upgrade in software usually has at least a 6-month minimum to fix many of the bugs that should have been caught in the alpha or beta stage, but weren’t. For example, Civilization III (Civ3 or CivIII) second expansion: Civ 3 Conquests (C3C) was released after it was the beta testing ended, but the company decided to make a minor change which wasn’t beta tested. End result: about half the computers wouldn’t work with it. I don’t recall which major graphics card (there are only two main producers of graphic cards around) had issues with the game, but the game was unplayable. The company issued a first-day patch, never a good sign. If I had to guess, whomever did the testing of the small change only used computers with the other graphics card to test the change. There were some other bugs that weren’t fixed, but unless you play the game on a regular basis, you wouldn’t notice most of them. I still play C3C (technically, Complete as I couldn’t find my C3C DVD to install the game on my laptop. I find it more fun that Civilization IV (Civ4 or CivIV) or later games. My laptop couldn’t handle CivVI and probably couldn’t handle CivV. I may one day buy them on sale as they often have great sale prices on Fanatical.com, Humble Bundle, Steam, or Civilization‘s official website. Since both games can be downloaded from Steam, this is a good option even if I don’t get a replacement laptop for several years. I have done something similar with free games that won’t work on my laptop, but that require Steam to play.


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