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AutoClustering by Genetic Affairs — DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy

The company Genetic Affairs launched a few weeks ago with an offer to regularly visit your vendor accounts at Family Tree DNA, Ancestry and 23andMe, and compile a spreadsheet of your matches, download it, and send it to you in … Continue reading

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Skype to soon get a new live-captioning and subtitle feature to aid the hard of hearing — Critical Hit

Skype may be a platform that is no longer widely used, but Microsoft wants to keep making it more attractive, with anew update in particular allowing it to be used by the hard of hearing. The post Skype to soon … Continue reading

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An Authors’ Guide to Creative Commons — Guest: Deborah Makarios

Standard disclaimer: I am not an attorney, and this post as well as any other post I do is not intended as, nor should it be construed to be, legal advice. Contact a lawyer who is familiar with whatever legal … Continue reading

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10 Most Expensive Foods In The World – YouTube Video

When I tried viewing the YouTube video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1DBINabAng that was in the comments section of the post I linked in Cypress Corner — My Delta, it wouldn’t let me because of restrictions, but it gave me the above link as well … Continue reading

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Cypress Corner — My Delta

There are two amazing barbecue restaurants around Marianna, Arkansas according to everybody. Each have their loyal patrons as I found out asking around town. I decided to try Cypress Corner our first. Cypress Corner is located on Highway 1 In … Continue reading

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The Kickstarter Campaign that Thought It Could – DNA Warriors

It looked like this Kickstarter campaign was dead in the water back on November 24, 2018: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/altavilla/dna-history-opening-a-tomb-of-four-great-warriors/. See my blog post on Gaming Sunday Week of December 2, 2018: As of December 2, 2018: project ended: NOK 103,358 pledged of … Continue reading

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