How to Create a Kickstarter Project Video and Other Crowdfunding Videos

I saw this on Kickstarter recently: How to create a Kickstarter project video: It’s a YouTube video and is 0:57 minutes long; that’s 57 seconds.

Your Kickstarter project video is the first step in telling the story of your project and introducing yourself as a creator. Here, Kickstarter creators offer helpful advice on how to plan and film an engaging project video.

Featured creators: Liz Roche Zoe Potkin Dan Schoenbrun Azikiwe Mohammed Maëlle Doliveux

Video by RAVA Films Cinematography and editing by Rafael Salazar Produced by Ava Wiland Editorial oversight by Maura M. Lynch and Elyse Mallouk

The next video in my feed was How to Launch a Successful Kickstarter Project : Indy News:, which is 10:15 minutes long. There are several links if you click Show more.

After raising $5,000 in only 8 hours, Griffin explains the process for setting up a Kickstarter campaign. Also, Indiegogo vs. Kickstarter, Russell meets Willem Dafoe and Kevin Spacey, and Moby wants you to use his music!

The next one in my feed after this one was Exceeding Your Funding Goal on kickstarter – the basics:, and it’s 21:18 minutes long.

The results of my few months of study / dabbling in crowd funding. My findings shared in case they are helpful.

Which had this one as next in my feed: Why My Kickstarter Failed and didn’t Fund:; it’s 17:30 minutes long. I give 6 reasons that my Kickstarter campaign for I HATE READING! – which is a children’s story app & children’s book for reluctant readers. If you are thinking of launching a Kickstarter campaign don’t make the same mistakes I did!

I ran a basic search on YouTube using only Kickstarter – as my parameter. One of the first to pop-up was 5 Horrible Kickstarter Success Stories – SGR It’s 25:42 minutes long. Plenty of links in the show more section.

5 examples of Kickstarters that hit target but had horrible stories related to them

These videos are worth checking out if you plan on running a crowdfunding campaign on any platform. There are similar types of videos for Indiegogo, crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and probably most of the other major crowdfunding sites.



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