Cheap insurance plan for bike-aware drivers — Travel and Sport

Local authorities will be encouraged to spend about 15% of their local transport infrastructure funding on walking and cycling. The DfT also wants to create a new police unit to analyse evidence of dangerous driving that has been caught on camera by other road users. Related Topics Cycling Transport Original Article : HERE ; This […]

via Cheap insurance plan for bike-aware drivers — Travel and Sport. After seeing too many accidents where vehicles weren’t paying attention to bicyclists, it would be great if there were incentives for drivers to be more aware of us on bikes. Seems some drivers want to play chicken or see how close they can get to us without hitting us. Too many times drivers have come within 6″ of me. Some of the worst are the local Police Department SUVs and city transit vehicles.

My blog post, RIP Carmella Prestia, is an example of a bicyclist who was in a bike lane and yet still got hit and died. I didn’t know Carmella, but I have ridden that bridge before there was a bike route on it.

On a somewhat regular basis, I wear a highly reflective vest while riding. If you can’t see me when I am wearing it, you really should give up driving.

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