The Sub That Sank a Train

Updated March 13, 2019: added Lucky Fluckey’s BillionGraves link and a link to (link will be live as of 2:02 P. M. U. S. Central Time, March 13, 2019 in case you see this before it goes live).

This might sound easier than it was in the case I’m talking about. After all, a submarine torpedoing a train on a bridge could happen, but that’s not how this sub achieved the goal. This sub had an impressive war record. Sadly, the sub was eventually scrapped. Had the crew known about it, they would have raised the funds and turned it into a museum, per the Wikipedia article linked below.

I would try and hide the name of the sub, but the YouTube video link might give it away. Without further ado, the sub was the U.S.S. Barb (SS-220). Here’s the YouTube video link: (if you use sub-titles/Closed Captioning, there is some profanity that is a transcription error and not something the History Guy said)  I ran across the History Guy‘s videos a while back, probably on Facebook. His videos are usually in the 5 – 15 minute range. This one is 8:28 minutes long. Here’s the Wikipedia article: I will let the YouTube video explain some of the many achievements of the submarine’s crew. Its captain for a large portion of the sub’s activities was Eugene “Lucky” Fluckey, You can also read more about him at

You can view his Find-A-Grave memorial at A photo request has been added on BillionGraves –, and you can view the cemetery at


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