Doctor Who New Series Review: A Review — Mr Steve Esq.

We are constantly lied to by journalists. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s their fault that this happens. They have to sum up very difficult stories in a few hundred words, many times only including the salient points. It’s probably become much more complex since the internet and it’s an often demanding […]

via Doctor Who New Series Review: A Review — Mr Steve Esq.

I can’t speak to the specifics of the show as I have not watched the newest Doctor Who. I gave up on reviews and reviewers back during the days of Doctor Doolittle 2. The local reviewer had high praises for the movie and made all sorts of claims about positive differences between it and the earlier incarnation of the series with the same actor. I read the review 5 – 10 minutes before walking into the theater. Imagine my surprise as how wrong the review turned out to be. It was like he and I watched two (2) different movies. In his movie, they improved the things I hoped they would improve. In  my movie, they only made the bad parts from the earlier movie worse.

Critics and reviewers have a bad habit of working for companies that derive a lot of money from the people whose products they review. I stopped reading gaming reviews on sites that sell a lot of advertising to gaming companies. It’s rare to see any of those reviewers give a bad review to a major gaming company.

In fact, the only reviews I read these days are and those are for the humor factor. A great example is Unicorn Meat (NOTE: no unicorns were harmed in the making of this product): Seen too many bad and great reviews where it was obvious the reviewer hadn’t done their job or were hyping a product or service they didn’t think was worth the high or low marks they gave it.



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