Successful Dice Kickstarter Campaign

Updated December 18, 2018: They pulled the plug even though they were fully funded due to supplier problem: The Kickstarter Campaign that Gave Up Too Easily.

Another successful dice-related Kickstarter campaign –

Their goal was to raise HK$ 15,673 (company is Hong Kong based; roughly 2,004ish based on today’s exchange rate) and it raised HK$ 56,060 (roughly $7167.19 USD) pledged of HK$ 15,673 goal with 252 backers. They will be putting the campaign on Backerkit in about two (2) weeks which can allow non-backers to still get in on the action. This is a good opportunity if you like dice.

Here’s the projection, which shows 358% funded. In general, about 1 – 5% of pledges fail for various reasons, but it’s so far over 100% that failed pledges shouldn’t be an issue. I will update once they announce the link to Backerkit. This is a great example of a successful crowdfunding campaign and congratulations to them for achieving their goal and hitting some of their stretch goals.



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