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Successful Dice Kickstarter Campaign

Updated December 18, 2018: They pulled the plug even though they were fully funded due to supplier problem: The Kickstarter Campaign that Gave Up Too Easily. Another successful dice-related Kickstarter campaign – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boardgamebag/dice-good-luck-dragon-crit-and-lucky-iconic-on-d20. Their goal was to raise HK$ 15,673 … Continue reading

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Announcing Free .blog Subdomains

Via Announcing Free .blog Subdomains. Looks like it only applies if you start a new blog. Shame they don’t allow it for those of us who have a blog already. I understand I could create a new blog and get … Continue reading

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Stupid CAPTCHA Needs to End

After spending 3+ minutes trying to prove to a site (Patreon) that I was a human being by having to solve CAPTCHA, it finally realized that I was human because it gave me one where they used one photo broken … Continue reading

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Why a Writing Retreat (Probably) Won’t Help You Write Better — Where Genres Collide

Originally posted on Novelty Revisions: Wouldn’t you just love to be able to drop everything, escape to an isolated cabin in the woods, and spend day and night working on your latest writing project until it’s finally finished? It’s the … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Park, Derby Kansas November 29, 2018

Originally started this post near the end of July 2018. Since Facebook and Find-A-Grave both are bombarding me with Dinosaur Park ads today (July 30, 2018), I ran across this park a few weeks back as I was riding my … Continue reading

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U. S. S. Cairo Museum – Mississippi Mondays

I’m backdating this to Monday as I thought it had posted, but WordPress decided it didn’t need to post on Monday. As part of Mississippi Mondays, I look at things related to Mississippi and found this one: https://www.nps.gov/vick/u-s-s-cairo-gunboat.htm. I haven’t … Continue reading

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Doctor Who New Series Review: A Review — Mr Steve Esq.

We are constantly lied to by journalists. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s their fault that this happens. They have to sum up very difficult stories in a few hundred words, many times only including the salient … Continue reading

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Why You Should Not Let Your Children Sleep With You

I saw this in an e-mail today from the local newspaper, https://www.kansas.com/news/local/crime/article222368330.html, titled “Wichita dad pleads guilty in baby’s death. DA says case shows danger of co-sleeping” It’s easy to think this will never happen to you as many parents … Continue reading

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Cliches in writing! What stops me finishing a book.

Via Cliches in writing! What stops me finishing a book. Depending on the writer, it can take me anywhere from a couple of chapters to a few pages to several sentences to get me to put down a book. I … Continue reading

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Dice Maniacs Club Blog

I ran across this blog, https://dicemaniacsclub.wordpress.com/, recently; they have a Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/DiceManiacsClub/. In the past, I had a lot more dice than I have right now. In the past, I had several 100 sided dice (D100, officially known as … Continue reading

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