Christmas/Year-End DNA Sales

Updated November 28, 2018: added Amazon link for FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) and new end date for MyHeritageDNA Sale. LivingDNA $10.00 price increase from November 27, 2018.

DNA Christmas/Year-End Sales 23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA), FindMyPastDNA, Geno 2.0 Next, Helix, LivingDNA, MyHeritageDNA: added to MyHeritageDNA ends today (was extended for several more days and should end around December 2, 2018)  which was part of their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale. It will most likely add a Year-End/Christmas Sale in the near future. LivingDNA and FindMyPastDNA have no end date listed and FindMyPastDNA only has a small sale price; monitoring daily.

23andMe Christmas Sale (ends December 25, 2018) Ancestry (ethnicity) only kit sale price $69 sale price: $69.00, regular price $99.00; Ancestry + Health sale price $139.00; regular price $199.00. Amazon has Ancestry + Health –, sale price $139.00, regular price $199.00  (last update check mid afternoon of November 28, 2018, but can vary every couple of days so check Amazon).

AncestryDNA Christmas Sale (ends December 24, 2018): – sale price $59.00 Ends December 24, 2018) (sale price $59.00* as of November 28, 2018). Check other vendors on Amazon as sometimes they are cheaper than the listed Amazon price in the link.

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) Year End Sale – Sale ends December 31, 2018. No word on if they will do the weekly coupon deals they have sometimes offered in the past. Amazon link: sale price $49.99 (as of November 28, 2018).

Family Finder sale price $49, regular price $79
Family Finder + Y-37 sale price $143, regular price $248 (males only)
Family Finder + mtFull Sequence sale price $183, regular price $278
Family Finder + Y-67 + mtFull Sequence (males only) sale price $362, regular price $546

Y-DNA Tests (males only):
Y-37 sale price $99, regular price $169
Y-67 sale price $179, regular price $268
Y-111 sale price $219, regular price $359
Big Y-500 sale price $499, regular price $649

mtDNA Tests:
mtDNA Plus regular price $89 (not on sale)
mtFull Sequence sale price $139, regular price $199

FindMyPastDNA (they use LivingDNA kits – seee LivingDNA below): – sale price $89 each as of mid afternoon of November 28, 2018 although it’s $69 for one kit and $59 each for 2+ kits in one order on LivingDNALivingDNA kits available on Amazon (temporarily unavailable on Amazon as of November 28, 2018), – out of stock on Amazon since mid-October 2018 – checking daily, regular price $99.00 + $4.99 shipping.

Geno 2.0 NextMost likely to go back to $69.95 or possibly higher November 29, 2018 based on the countdown clock on Helix and the other links below although GroupOn will probably go back to $65. On sale (since August 22, 2018, sale price has changed numerous times since August 2018, with no word on when sale ends) at Helix, National Geographic, GroupOn, and Amazon (price varies a bit between the various links below) $39.99 + another $10.00 if you need a Helix DNA kit as of November 28, 2018 if you need a Helix kit for an individual; regular price tends to run $149.95 or $199.95 which includes the Helix DNA kit cost – No word on when this sale price ends. If you order directly from National Geographic (Nat Geo), it’s on sale temporarily for $59.95. regular price $99.95 (regular price varies between $149.95 to $199.00 or sometimes $199.95 on Nat Geo website; if the person has previously tested with Helix for any other DNA test, don’t order from Nat Geo as you are paying for a kit that you don’t need). Amazon sale price is $99.97  $99.99* with free shipping (Amazon price current as of November 28, 2018; tends to go back to around $99.95 on a regular basis when a sale ends) and is cheaper if you need a Helix kit for a person due to free shipping that Amazon offers. It is also on sale on GroupOn  sale price $49.99 $65.00 (occasionally cheaper by a few $) Note: U. S. kits are processed by Helix (spit kit) and non-U.S. kits are processed by FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) – cheek swab. Non-U.S. kits are showing an unavailable as of late September 2018 – no word on when they will become available again.

Helix – most tests on sale 20 – 50% through November 29, 2018, but some aren’t (direct link to Helix list of DNA tests offered); Amazon list of Helix tests doesn’t include all Helix items listed on the Helix site so you may need to search for specific tests or items if you are checking Amazon for something not in the above Amazon link; for DNA Passport, see above; Baby Glimpse:  the new URL only appears to offer one kit so you would need to order two tests and two kits for best results, one for each parent if both needed a Helix DNA  kit: test on sale for $27.49 and the Helix DNA kit is on sale for $22.00, regular price of DNA kit is $80 if you need a Helix DNA kit for an individual. On Amazon (check price as some days it’s a lot cheaper on Amazon and other days it’s cheaper on Helix; as of November 28, 2018, it’s may be cheaper on Amazon, but that can change any day; monitoring daily) with free shipping. From the description, it sounds like you can still compare if you order tests for both parents;  see DNA Passport or possibly Geno 2.0 above or embody below for cheaper way to get the kits as two DNA Passport kits + test from Helix would run you $89.99 x2 which is slightly cheaper than two kits using the Baby Glimpse link and you get DNA Passport results as a bonus. Going this route would cost you about the same, but you wouldn’t need to order the two Helix DNA kits for Baby Glimpse as you could use your DNA Passport Helix kits for the results. embodyDNA: price $35.00 + $10 Helix kit (as of November 28, 2018) ; regular price is $109.99 + $80.00 for Helix DNA kit; on Amazon (currently unavailable since November 24, 2018, $53.99 + free shipping as of November 28, 2018, but cheaper on Helix if you don’t need a Helix DNA kit; check pricing as Amazon frequently changes prices on a regular basis) with free shipping. GoalGetter: sale price $65.00 $130.00 + another $20.00 if you need Helix DNA kit; regular price $260.00 + $80.00 if you need Helix DNA kit – not seeing GoalGetter on Amazon. Rest of Helix DNA tests are regular price and Helix kits are regular price of $80.00 if you need a Helix DNA kit for an individual. However, Helix sometimes does limited sales so check any test you are considering to see if it’s on sale.

LivingDNA sale price $79.00 for one kit and $69.00 each for 2+ kits in a single order through ? (regular price is $99; LivingDNA or FindMyPastDNA used to be available on Amazon – (temporarily unavailable on Amazon as of November 28, 2018 and became unavailable in mid-October 2018). LivingDNA offers free limited transfers, but you won’t get a few benefits if you go this route that you would get if you order the test directly from LivingDNA; they have indicated they will offer discounted upgrades for those who transfer and want the extra benefits, but no word on when or how much it will cost). For example, you won’t get haplogroups (mtDNA, Y-DNA – if male) and originally you wouldn’t get ethnicity results when I did a free transfer back in December 2017, but looks like they may be offering ethnicity results for the free transfers during the beta test (it’s not clear if you get to keep the ethnicity results after the beta test ends and it doesn’t appear those who upload after the beta test will get them without paying some kind of upgrade fee) after your transfer processes (estimated between August 8 – October 31, 2018 for the free transfers to process; they are rolling them out in small groups). You would have to order a kit from LivingDNA to get those benefits. They are partnering with FindMyPast and FindMyPast will be offering LivingDNA kits packaged with FindMyPastDNA (or some similar language) at some point, similar to how MyHeritageDNA uses FTDNA kits with MyHeritage logo on the package. They are slowly rolling out matching starting August 8, 2018 and plan on finishing by sometime in October 2018. Two of my three transferred results are showing three (3) or two (2) matches, but none have finished processing as of mid afternoon November 28, 2018.

MyHeritageDNA price $49.00 with free shipping if you use Promo Code FREE18, regular price $79; Amazon for $59.00 (still valid as of November 28, 2018 with a new note the sale ends in 4 days – will probably start a Christmas/Year-End Sale shortly after the current sale ends) with free shipping and FTDNA‘s Amazon price is $49.99 (as of November 28, 2018). MyHeritageDNA accepts free transfers from FTDNA as well as from AncestryDNA, LivingDNA, and 23andMe (including v5 chip now). They will be making some major changes to those who upload raw data transfers after November 30, 2018); it won’t affect you if you upload your raw data before December 1, 2018 as they are grandfathering in people who upload raw data before December 1, 2018 and they will retain full access.


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