The Last Burrito on Earth Kickstarter Campaign

I discovered this Kickstarter campaign a few weeks ago: This is his eighth Kickstarter campaign and may be the third to fail. A good rule is to not assume that what worked for earlier campaigns will necessarily work for your next campaign. I am glad he has cancelled this campaign as he cancelled the two campaigns that weren’t funded. My suggestion would for him to stop funding new campaigns until he finishes an existing campaign. It looks like he has switched gears to other games which will probably be added to Kickstarter in the near future. Cancel enough campaigns or projects and don’t be surprised if you lose supporters who were ardent supporters of past projects. One can rely too much on crowdfunding as a way to generate funding for additional projects. I don’t know if that’s what he is doing, but you should only expect crowdfunding to help occasionally. Otherwise, your backers may think you are treating them like a cash cow that will always support anything you put out. I see this type of issue a lot with authors who keep putting out more books in a series long after they should have let the series die.

Here’s hoping they meet their goal of $35,000, but it’s only at $6,648  (a drop from $6,692 yesterday, most likely a result of the below announcement) pledged right now. Yesterday, the campaign creator shared a note:

Hey, everyone! We’re coming up to the halfway point of the time allotted for this game, while just under 20% of the funding goal. Which is totally fine, as this is Kickstarter’s entire function to me. It’s great for asking a market if they want a thing.

I’m going to keep the campaign going for now just in case it gets mentioned in some deep web burrito fanfic group and takes off. But development and all that will for sure pause. There are other games coming behind this one, and I’ll divert the artists and all that to those to prepare the next campaign.

This game will almost certainly exist within the next year or so. I like this game a lot. I like the stupid jokes and the drawings. I want to see it exist.

But Kickstarter is a hugely different place than it was when I made Superfight. So I’ll need to rethink a lot of my approach to these games and how they find their way out of my sleep-deprived mind and into the light.

Thank you so much to everyone who backed this or cared about it at any level. I can’t wait to get you all something you’ll truly enjoy.

More soon.


Here’s a projection by a third party site: which estimates it will only reach 39% (it was at 40% yesterday before the pledge amount dropped( of its goal when I checked a few minutes ago. That’s not to say the campaign will fail as it has 31 days to reach $35,000 and I have seen some come from behind successes in crowdfunding campaigns.


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