One Huge Common Mistake Made By Several DNA Companies for Black Friday Deals

Rule number #1 for Black Friday Sales: don’t offer a better or the same deal in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. U.S. customers expect your Black Friday Sale to be better than the sales in the several weeks leading up to this week-end. Yet, three (3) DNA companies chose to ignore this rule.

The smallest mistake was made by MyHeritageDNA – The main difference between the pre-Black Friday Sale and the Black Friday Sale is minor. The sale price is the same: $49.00 with the key difference being you don’t need to order multiple DNA kits to get the free shipping for the Black Friday Sale. Not exactly a difference if you planned on ordering multiple tests from MyHeritageDNA. If you planned on only ordering one (1) kit, then it’s a somewhat better deal as shipping tends to run in the $10 – 12 range for most companies shipping to U. S. addresses.

Both AncestryDNA and 23andMe offered better deals in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. You can compare the sales for both companies below.

Starting with AncestryDNA: current Black Friday Sale price: $49.00.

AncestryDNA is $49.00.

The pre-Black Friday Sale price was $59.00, but each time I checked at different times of day during this sale, they would routinely offer one of three (3) other additional deals: 1) $59.00 Buy 2, Get 1 Free (bit over $39/test); 2) $59 Buy 3, Get 1 Free (bit over $44/test); and 3) $59 Buy 4, Get 1 Free (bit over $47/test). Compare these prices to the current AncestryDNA ( Black Friday Sale: $49.00/test. Even the lowest additional deal offered before Black Friday was only $47.20/test if you ordered five (5) tests while the best deal was three (3) kits at $39.33/test. The only time the Black Friday Sale was better was the handful of times when the only deal offered was the basic $59.00/test. However, you only had to wait a short time before they put one of the better deals up and if you waited a bit longer, the Buy 2, Get 1 Free usually showed up several times throughout the day.

Next on the list is 23andMe: current Black Friday Sale price: $69.00. The pre-Black Friday sale price was:

 23andMe: https://www.23andme.comOne Ancestry Service kit for $69 or two or more kits for $49 each. Savings based on regular price per kit. Offer ends Nov 22, 2018. On Amazon –, sale price $69.00 + free shipping.

I saw several DNA bloggers and many on Facebook claim the Black Friday Sales for all the major DNA companies were going to be better. I told people not to assume this would be the case. It turns out that FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) , FindMyPastDNA , and LivingDNA all had better Black Friday Sales for their autosomal DNA tests.While not presently useful for genealogical DNA testing, National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 Next test was on sale for $49.99 which ties for the lowest price I have seen it sold for. It does provide a basic to medium level mtDNA and Y-DNA (for males) haplogroup. Its test tends to run around $100 or higher with occasional sales down to $69.99.

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA):  https://www.familytreedna.comhas their Family Finder test at $39.00 and has reduced shipping.  That’s the cheapest I have seen them offer it. On the plus side, if you order directly from FTDNA, you can do a free transfer to MyHeritageDNA and numerous other companies. The full free transfer ends before you will get your test processed by FTDNA, but you still get a limited free transfer that starts December 1, 2018 with an option to upgrade. It would be nice if they made a deal for those who order from FTDNA as both companies use the same test. Also, FTDNA processes the kits for MyHeritageDNA. Many of their other tests are still on sale for Black Friday.

FindMyPastDNA is $59.00. This is a slight flip from earlier when LivingDNA was $10.00 cheaper.

LivingDNA is $69.00 for one kit, but $59.00 each if you buy 2+ kits in a single order.

For year-end sales, the various DNA companies may or may not be better than the current Black Friday Sale prices. It tends to be hit or miss as some years, the year-end sale is better and other years the Black Friday Sale is better.

Hopefully, the DNA companies that made this mistake won’t repeat it next November. I am not too hopeful based on past experiences with a couple of the companies who don’t appear to learn from their mistakes.

My suggestion is for all three (3) DNA companies to immediately offer better deals for the rest of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale week-end AND offer refunds in the difference between what people paid and the better deal price if you ordered during the Black Friday Sale. I don’t see the companies doing it, but one can hope. Some, probably most, DNA companies don’t get the concept that American consumers have long memories on stuff like this.

It’s estimated that full DNA testing will drop to $99.00 for a full DNA test, most likely within the next 3 – 5 years, much sooner than the 10+ years many had been predicting. This month Dante Labs – (sale ends Monday) and Veritas Genetics (sale over), offered full DNA testing for $199.00.

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