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Originally posted on Quietly Ambitious: So, you’re an introvert who’s in need of extra income. The only problem is that you already work in an energy draining role and you can’t imagine taking on anymore work. The thought of doing sales calls in your own time seems like a nightmare! After a long day of…

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This is a re-blog/share of a re-blog/share so my comments are for the person who originally posted the article. For number 2, best to let potential viewers be aware you are providing affiliate links at the beginning of the post as well as next to each affiliate link. Also, make sure your blog platform/website contract allows you to add affiliate links since some free platforms don’t allow it. For number 3, matched betting is gambling. It may be at slightly better odds than gambling, but you can still lose money. I watched a guy at a casino who came in several times a week and according to the security guard, he usually walked out with around $300 – 1,500 more than he came in with, but some days he did lose money.  I am curious as to what the seven streams of income include since the original article only mentioned three (3):

Seven streams of income

Apparently, we should all have additional streams of income. Seven to be exact (correct me if I’m wrong!). We shouldn’t rely on one stream of income. For example, if you’re employed, you shouldn’t just rely on your monthly pay cheque. It’s a risk many of us take and we fail to realise that no job is secure. Your job could be here one day and gone the next. So, if there was an urge for you to make more money, this is it.

Plus, who would say no to an extra £500 per month? I know I wouldn’t.

I agree you should have additional revenue streams, and there are plenty of ways to get them. A friend uses a list of several freelancing sites to get jobs. They won’t make her rich, but they do contribute to the family’s income. Here’s one of her blog posts on ways to make money freelancing: https://supermommy411.com/2018/05/20/where-to-start-off-as-a-newly-established-freelance-writer/. Don’t know if all of them would be a good fit for introverts.

It’s always good to research any potential income-generating site as some of them are designed to take your money and give you little in return. If a site includes testimonials, make sure to check out the photos and names to see if the individuals appear on numerous websites selling their services to multiple sites. On top of that, I received an e-mail a while back, and when I researched the company, I found another company calling the first company a scam while offering to sell my their training. When I researched the second company, I found a third company claiming the second company was a scam and offering me their training package. It took a few more searches with most saying the company was a scam and offering me to sell their stuff. I think it was around the twelfth time I had researched a company before I came across somebody who claimed the last company was a scam and didn’t try to sell me anything.

With any company, legit or not, find out the typical costs if they are offering to sell you something. One of the companies in my search above made it sound cheap, but researching the total price, it easily topped $20,000 to get everything they claim you need. When I attended one of their online group chats, I asked if this was true and they ignored my question even though I asked it a couple of times.

Be aware that some companies will cost you more in time than the income you will get in return. The companies may be legit, but the time factor to earn the amount of money you get sometimes isn’t worth it.

Great rule of thumb: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.


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