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My First Crowdfunding Support – Bunnies and Burrows Kickstarter Campaign

Updated June 28, 2019: added more information and clarified some other things. I started writing this post on November 1, 2018 which explains the recently comment. I recently made my first contribution to crowdfunding, sometimes called crowdsourcing. It was to … Continue reading

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3 Quick Ways For Introverts To Increase Their Income — lifesfinewhine

Originally posted on Quietly Ambitious: So, you’re an introvert who’s in need of extra income. The only problem is that you already work in an energy draining role and you can’t imagine taking on anymore work. The thought of doing … Continue reading

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Thankful for volunteer excellence; Charles Taylor Award recognition — B-29 Doc

When Doc arrived in Wichita after being rescued from the Mojave Desert in China Lake, California, the B-29 Superfortress that was built in Wichita in 1944 arrived in pieces on seven flatbed trailers. The year was 2000, and that’s when … Continue reading

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One Huge Common Mistake Made By Several DNA Companies for Black Friday Deals

Rule number #1 for Black Friday Sales: don’t offer a better or the same deal in the weeks leading up to Black Friday. U.S. customers expect your Black Friday Sale to be better than the sales in the several weeks … Continue reading

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