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According to ‘some’, it is unfortunate that my children are so much like me. Most disagree though and so the ‘some’ don’t win. Personally, I’m rather relieved that they’re so much like me. Although admittedly there are moments when they terrify me – said tongue in cheek 😉 Like the other night when my daughter sent […]

via The Dark Side of Humor — nopassingfancy.

My sense of humor has been called dry by a fair number of people. Here’s a definition of a “dry sense of humor” – and another one: It’s funny that part of the second link’s definition includes the following:

It is implied humour or indirect humour which largely depends on what the audience thinks is being said rather than anything else.

In my case, it’s funny for reasons that have nothing to do with applying it to my sense of humor directly. Due to a significant hearing loss (40% in one ear and 60% in the other ear), I have to listen closely when people talk. Preferably they are facing me as I can subconsciously read lips so my brain does a better job of correctly interpreting what is said when I can see your lips. If I correctly hear what a person says, it can be funny because I “heard” what they said as opposed to what they meant. It sometimes applies to me due to my bipolar if my thoughts are racing faster than my mouth can speak. A co-worker once made a comment about a friend and he wasn’t trying to be funny, but the way it said turned a simple innocuous comment into a funny one. This co-worker wasn’t typically too funny when he thought about what he was trying to say except he often didn’t think about how to say something.

On my sense of humor, it often gets missed because I am good at deadpanning when I say something funny, usually in response to somebody making a joke. They assume I didn’t realize they were being funny. I did, but they didn’t realize I was being funny back.

My daughter inherited my sense of humor and I think it probably didn’t go over well with my ex. I try to always be careful to not put people close to me on the receiving end of my humor as it can be misinterpreted. I generally keep it in check with people I don’t know or don’t know very well as it can cause problems.

If you have children and/or a significant other (S. O.), you really should avoid using your sense of humor on them if is facetious or sarcastic in nature. Young children won’t get certain types of humor: sarcasm/facetious kind of joking especially. For significant others, making your S. O. a butt of your jokes is a great way of becoming single. I have a friend who doesn’t get this concept and regularly makes his wife and young children a butt of his facetious humor. If I thought telling him to stop would work, I would. Sadly, I think he’s going to find out the hard way when his wife serves him divorce papers. I’m sure he doesn’t think such a scenario would happen, but if I had a penny for every time I saw a spouse think that who later wound up divorced, I wouldn’t be rich, but I would have well over one thousand pennies. I tell him one day he’s going to do something that pushes her over the edge. He’s thinks I’m joking when I am being serious. I worked for two (2) mental health agencies and it was usually the quiet types, like his wife, who snapped. I only hope that I am there when it happens as I could easily become collateral damage.





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