Third Round of November 2018 DNA Sales

Updated November 23, 2018: added 23andMe, FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA).

Several DNA sales end November 22, 2018, and no word if they will offer better deals between now and Cyber Monday.

For starters, you can see my last post on the topic, Second Round November 2018 DNA Sales. If you want to see the first round: First Round of November 2018 DNA Sales. I also mentioned several in LivingDNA $69/$59 FindMyPastDNA $59 AncestryDNA $49. You can also see some others in Current November 2018 DNA Sales (for other sales that were already in progress and haven’t changed significantly). I tried to include all of the new Black Friday Sales below that are new.

23andMe ($99.00 for Ancestry + Health on Amazon); sale price $69.00 for Ancestry Service, regular price $99.00; Ancestry + Health sale price $129.00, regular price $199.00. Not as good a deal for the Ancestry Service test as the earlier November sale if you purchased 2+ kits in a single order.

AncestryDNA is $49.00.

FindMyPastDNA is $59.00. This is a slight flip from earlier when LivingDNA was $10.00 cheaper.

LivingDNA is $69.00 for one kit, but $59.00 each if you buy 2+ kits in a single order.

Best Buy, they offer the 23andMe kit only for $29.99 and the kit + lab fees for $59.00 (Black Friday  sale); regular price $99.00 (ethnicity and matching only, no health reports) –

CVS Pharmacy Black Friday Sale Sneak Peek: In checking other Black Friday DNA Sales, I found CVS Pharmacy is offering 23andMe kit for free after Extra Bucks Rewards (lab fee extra, $70 or $170, depending on if you want health reports or not). You can see the ad at Here;s the direct link:

FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA): has their Family Finder test at $39.00 and has reduced shipping.  That’s the cheapest I have seen them offer it. On the plus side, if you order directly from FTDNA, you can do a free transfer to MyHeritageDNA and numerous other companies. The full free transfer ends before you will get your test processed by FTDNA, but you still get a limited free transfer that starts December 1, 2018 with an option to upgrade. It would be nice if they made a deal for those who order from FTDNA as both companies use the same test. Also, FTDNA processes the kits for MyHeritageDNA. Many of their other tests are still on sale for Black Friday.

Rite Aid: KIT ONLY $29.99 (lab fees are $70 or $170 depending on if you want health reports.). Having a Black Friday Sale. Promo Code BLACKFRIDAY 30% off. Also, you can earn $20 Wellness Cash (see store or online for details).

Target Black Friday Sneak Peek Sale: They are offering 23andMe basic Ancestry/Ethnicity kit (the $99.00 one) for $59.00 with a bonus free $10.00 Target gift card thrown in. Lab fee is included.

Walgreens Black Friday Sneak Peek Sale: Extra 30% off with Promo Code SAVE30.  Again, lab fees are $70 or $170 depending on if you want health reports. 

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