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So I’ve been thinking about Root a lot lately, and went back and listened to my initial podcasts and opinions. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the game very very very much. But I increasingly dislike playing it with new players. Because of the whack-a-mole aspect of the game, inexperienced players inadvertently let others […]

via The Board Dame Strategizes! Root! — The Board Dame. Strong language warning; one F-bomb.

Disclaimer: I have not played the game, but I have been gaming for over forty (40) years.

Gamers tend to fall into several categories: 1) people like me who game for fun (I care less about winning and more about having fun which is why I don’t play certain games); 2) those who want to win at all costs; 3) those who sabotage others (this can be either due to a personality conflict with some people or a personality/attitude of theirs); 4) those who don’t care to learn the rules and muddle around to see what happens – I sometimes will muddle around to avoid getting too predictable in games where predictable is a bad thing; probably a few other types like sore winners and sore losers, but those aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive of the other types. There are no doubt gamers who have multiple sub-categories of the above types and maybe other categories that I didn’t include.

Addit: I forgot the gloaters who love to preen about how you should have known about rule X which often includes those who think you should learn the game by playing it and not reading the rules although that group can be a separate group. While experience can be a great teacher, not knowing rule X exists can affect a person’s desire to keep playing with those who hold either the views in this Addit.

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