SeaBee Heritage Center, Gulfport, Mississippi – Mississippi Mondays

The link on Wikipedia doesn’t work so you can try which is the current link that should be on Wikipedia. You can also visit their store website at You can read more about the SeaBee Base in Gulfport at,_Mississippi) or

From the first link,

Building: 446 (Training Hall)
Phone: (228) 871-3619
Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

NOTE: Visitors to the Heritage Center must have a military ID or must stop at the Welcome Center at the Pass Rd. gate for a background check and pass before being allowed to enter the installation.

Persons Entering the Naval Construction Battalion Center are Subject to Search of their Person and Vehicles.

The Heritage Center has several exhibits that depict the history of the Seabees. The Seabee Gift Store carries a variety Seabee related notions, including, t-shirts children’s apparel, challenge coins, stickers, magnets, patches, flags, mugs, and jewelry. They also carry Seabee history DVD’s and books. The proceeds from the gift store support the construction of our new museum in Port Hueneme, CA.

For a discount on purchases in the store, you can join the Seabee Historical Foundation, discount depends on your membership level; 10% at the lowest level ($35.00/year) and 20% at the higher levels (starting at $100.00/year) with some other discounts that vary by level. You can be a corporate sponsor – details at the bottom of the link for corporate sponsorships.

The Gulfport Heritage Center is a separate facility than the Port Hueneme, California, museum which you can visit online at


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