800th Blog Post

Technically, it’s 803, or 804 if I count my first blog post that WordPress ate. It would have been 801/802 as I thought I had posted it already. Some of my earlier milestone blog posts are

My 700th Blog Post

My 600th Blog Post (Try 2)

5th Blogversary and 500th Post

Blog Post Number 400

My 300th Blog Post – Sort of

200th Blog Post – MIA as I can’t find it even though I did one.

100th Post Or Is It? Reflections – Past, Present, and Future

Originally it wasn’t much of an update since the 700th blog post although I had my first 100 post month in October 2018 (total 110) and it’s possible that November may come close to setting a new record or at least hitting 100 as this will make the 69th blog post for November. But, I managed to come up with a lot to cover. Also, if you have suggestions (blogs, games, topics, etc.) you want to hear about, I will try and cover as many as possible. I don’t have paid access to Ancestry so there are some limits to what I can do in cases where I don’t have paid access or I haven’t purchased a product.

Part of the goal of these posts are for myself. To see what I planned on doing and how well or poorly I am achieving the goals and also to try and stay on task for when I stray. I added Mississippi Mondays as a weekly blog that focuses on Mississippi. I follow a couple of Mississippi bloggers and sometimes I will simply re-blog one of their posts or a post about Mississippi from a blogger who isn’t from Mississippi. At other times, I will include things I find, like Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum, Gulfport, Mississippi – Mississippi Monday.

I am still waiting on a headstone photo for my Three Stooges post that I mentioned in the 700th blog post above. Gaming Sunday is now in its eighth week and I usually update it every 1 – 2 days as new items show up and old items go off sale. The monthly DNA Sale post, Current November 2018 DNA Sales, is generally updated daily or every other day. It’s a shame that some of the other DNA bloggers don’t do something similar even if they only updated the major DNA companies (23andMe, AncestryDNA, FamilyTree DNA aka FTDNA, FindMyPastDNA, LivingDNA, and MyHeritageDNA). I opt to include a much larger set of DNA companies because many people interested in DNA testing care more about ethnicity than they do about matching relatives. I am close to finishing my very long (25,000+ words, give or take) on the various DNA companies. Many of them I haven’t talked about yet, but I plan on introducing most of the DNA companies and what they offer since some of them offer things that others don’t. In one of my latest posts, Veritas Genetics and Dante Labs $199 Sale, I talked about two (2) DNA companies that are offering some of the most comprehensive DNA testing available for $199.00. I also talked about how you could take the information from those companies and use it to create a file that should work on some of the DNA companies that accept transfers.

I will continue to do product and service reviews as I have time or if I have a good or bad experience. So far, my experience with Unreal Mobile – UNREAL Mobile Coming Soon to Best Buy, Target, and Amazon has been very positive. You should always treat my experiences with a company, product, or service as Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV). There are most likely plenty of areas in Wichita where Unreal Mobile doesn’t work well. Where I typically use Unreal Mobile, it works fine. I have the Sprint CDMA version and not the VOIP version which no doubt makes a big difference.

I will keep re-blogging posts that I find interesting, relevant, or funny. I follow a fair number of other bloggers and add to the list on a semi-regular basis. On occasion, I will highlight a blog that I follow. I will also highlight crowdfunding also known as crowdsourcing opportunities and why it can be a great way to generate funding for projects. These projects aren’t only limited to for-profit businesses or individuals as nonprofits can potentially benefit from them as well.

I will be doing more author/writer/blogger posts as I see a need for such posts although some will be re-blogs from other bloggers who focus on writing. It will be a while before I start vlogging as I need to save up money for good audio/video equipment. I plan on splitting some topics off, but I haven’t figured out the best way to do it yet. I am looking at alternate ways to come up with funding a business version of WordPress.As of now, all ads on my blog generate income for WordPress and no income for me. I have no control on what ads show up when you visit my site. Which is another reason I want to see about coming up with a way to fund a WordPress business platform.

The goal to keep my blog G-rated is still a big one. I don’t use profanity on my blog and I won’t approve a comment that has profanity in it. I may occasionally link to a blog or website that is Not Suitable for Work (NSFW) or has profanity. I will do my best to warn people in advance. However, some bloggers rarely use profanity and so I may not catch it has profanity. As a rule, I don’t recommend viewing my blog at work unless your work or job (i.e., reviewer, blogger) allows you to do so.

Update on the Links tab: I am close to having the scheduled blog post I plan on using to redo the Links tab ready to post. I was going to post it October 31, 2018, but found a few things I needed to update on it.

This next one hasn’t fully happened yet, but I do have a number of websites to highlight that are usually run by the museum or support group. I have talked about “Doc”: B-29 Doc moves into new home, fundraising push continues for education and visitors center — B-29 Doc

I am still working on a list of ships and other items (planes, museums, etc.), but it is going slower than I planned. I may do it in stages as there are plenty of things of interest.

I forgot about this item, but it’s on my To-Do List:

I am also working on a couple of interesting posts on the Flintstones and dinosaur parks which aren’t about the Flintstone cartoons as much as it about two Flintstone themed parks that are now closed and several dinosaur parks that you can still visit, including one of the newest ones in Derby, Kansas: https://kansasdinos.com/.

I mentioned it above, but my goal is to keep a fairly updated Current Monthly DNA Sale post and I have been good about updating it every other day and sometimes daily. I didn’t update it Sunday, November 18, 2018, but plan on updating it Monday. Sometimes WordPress seems to eat my updates even though it shows as being saved.

On the Uncategorized, there should be none listed, but I check it on a regular basis as I sometimes forget to uncheck the Uncategorized Category and I noticed a few had slipped through this month (https://upsdownsfamilyhistory.wordpress.com/category/uncategorized/). I checked a few minutes ago and removed the ones that showed up. It’s usually from re-blogging, but sometimes I forget to put a Category which throws in the Uncategorized list.



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