Need Eyeglasses? Check Out Zenni Optical

Not an affiliate link: – this is the direct link to glasses that start at $6.95, depending on your prescription, frame choice, etc. You need a prescription from an eye doctor and they tell you to send it in, but a friend has never sent the prescription in. I haven’t tried them yet, but my friend has rave reviews on the numerous pairs he has purchased from them. He’s very picky about giving good reviews. This is also a shout-out to a friend who was asking about where to get cheap glasses. If you use Ebates, you can also get 2% back on any purchase you make if you activate Ebates before you purchase. They don’t make many large frames. They offer metal frames that run around $30+, bifocals and trifocals will run more. My friend ordered bifocals with some extra things that ran $70. Expect to do a fair amount of research to get the frames you want.


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