Differences Between BillionGraves, BillionGraves Plus, and Find-A-Grave

This post will cover the differences between BillionGraves (BG), BillionGraves Plus (BG+), and the differences between BG and Find-A-Grave. It’s worth noting that you can earn up to two free months of BG+ every month by doing one or two things: 1) transcribe 500 records in a calendar month; best to go with going a bit beyond 500 (550 – 600) as record merges can bring you below the 500 minimum. 2) Upload more than 2,500 good images using the BG app (available for Android and iOS devices). Again, I would go with 10% above the 2,500 (so 2,750 – 3,000) images as images flagged as bad don’t count towards the 2,500 minimum.  The good news is you can earn two months if you do both in a calendar month. Also, you choose when you make the earned BG+ credits active. It’s not automatic so if you don’t want to take advantage of it immediately, you can hold off until you are ready to use it.

I’ll start with the differences between BillionGraves and BillionGraves Plus: https://support.billiongraves.com/support/solutions/articles/35000018223-what-s-the-difference-between-billiongraves-and-billiongraves-plus-.

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BillionGraves is free and includes the following features:* View all headstone records

* View all cemetery records

* Upload photos and cemetery records

* Make photo requests

* Transcribe photos

* Schedule cemetery events

* Edit existing records

* Sync records with partners

* Collaborate with friends
BillionGraves Plus requires a yearly subscription, and includes the following features:

* All the features of free BillionGraves

* No ads

* Family Plots

* Nearby Graves

* Global Family

* Family Notify

* Priority Support

* Partner Discounts
Visit the BillionGraves Plus page for more information, including feature descriptions.

The differences between BillionGraves and Find-A-Grave: https://support.billiongraves.com/support/discussions/topics/35000005437.

Our site is completely different than Find A Grave.  Find A Grave uses information from users that may or may not be accurate.  It is based solely on trust.  You trust that headstone photos put into the site is accurate and that the stone is in the cemetery where that another user says it is.  As a genealogist with 25+ years of experience, I have found accuracy on their site, but also a lot of inaccurate data as well. The data is placed on the website by well-meaning individuals who either perpetuate family myths and legends or who make mistakes. Also, data given to the website is under the control of the individual who placed it there. Unfortunately, due to human error and without a GPS pin on a map, inaccuracies can occur. On Find A Grave, people are also placed in charge of the data they submit. This can also be a problem with individuals who refuse to change inaccurate information.  Many are kind and are willing to fix problems, but a few individuals have been hostile to any attempt at editing wrong information.

BillionGraves is different.  Our site relies on volunteers who will both photograph cemeteries and transcribe records. Our main source of data are photographs taken with our app that provides a GPS location of the headstone. People simply go into a cemetery and take photos with our app.  The app puts a GPS marker on the headstone so that it can be easily located. In fact, I have been to large cemeteries in California with thousands of markers and was able to easily find my loved one within a few minutes because someone had taken the photo in BillionGraves. I could literally walk to the grave site.  This is especially helpful when you have never visited the cemetery before. Another thing that sets us apart, is that NO ONE can take charge of the GPS data. As photos are uploaded, they are sent into transcription where volunteers read the stones and put in the data that they can see.  If there are mistakes made in transcription, users can go in and fix problems with the stone. You do not have to ask permission or wait for someone to do this.

Like Find A Grave, we also allow people to add photos without GPS data.  These are called Supporting Records on our site. These are simple to add in that you find the cemetery that your loved one is buried in, by clicking research. You then scroll to search records. Next click on cemetery search. You then type in the name of the cemetery or its location on the map.  Once you find the cemetery you are looking for you click on it. On the main cemetery page, you can click on the box entitled add headstone images or add a record and then follow the directions to place the information in the cemetery. **Please note that supporting records are secondary in our website. They are searchable, however, and if someone goes into the cemetery and takes a photo with our app, the GPS record will become the primary source.

Unlike Find A Grave, our site offers its users two options. You can either enjoy using the site for free or for a small subscription fee (BillionGraves+), you can use the site with better tools such as family notifications, global family records, and see who is buried around your loved one.  The downside to the free site is that it does have more ads, (However, free is always good, right?) and that it has a lot fewer tools that are offered on BG+. The upside to the subscription site is the tools mentioned as well as priority support, and emails sent out to volunteers  for photo requests.

Unfortunately, many Find-A-Grave contributors have a bad habit of plopping a memorial in a cemetery based on where they think they are buried as opposed to actually verifying the grave location. In some cases, contributors will simply go with Burial Unknown (BU) or Cremated when they don’t know where the person was buried. I ran across a recent burial where an obituary mentions a cemetery, but the contributor went with Cremated and no cemetery location. I see a similar issue by contributors using obituaries and death certificates which frequently list the wrong cemetery or only mention the town. I photographed a headstone using the BillionGraves app several years ago. When I went  to look up the obit, it had him listed as being inurned (he was cremated) in a different cemetery. While I wasn’t at the funeral, the cemetery he was supposed to be inurned is a for-profit cemetery that wanted more than the family could pay for the inurnment. The cemetery where he was inurned has a poor section for those who can’t afford more than what the government pays for pauper burials and the cemetery is also a nonprofit cemetery.





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