Top 10 Crowdfunding Platforms of 2018 According to

Updated November 12, 2018: Second update did a second set of ten other crowdfunding platforms I found in a different article: The Rest of the Top 20 Crowdfunding Sites. The other ten sites are Charitable, Lending Club, AngelList, Ulule, Funding Circle, Seed&Spark, Crowdcube, GoGetFunding, Fundable, and Kiva.

I haven’t heard of some of the platforms, but several were familiar. The list is from Some of the platforms are geared towards nonprofits and one is geared towards musicians. I included links which weren’t included in the article. I also included some examples for most of them.

The platforms are Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, GoFundMe, Crowdrise (nonprofit focused), PledgeMusic (musician focused), Razoo (nonprofit focused), RocketHub (venture capital focused), Crowdfunder, and Give.

Kickstarter’s the most popular crowdsourcing website on the Internet and tends to have a success rate of funding. It tends to be designed to offering something in return for your taking your money. Also it’s an all or nothing campaign so you need to meet whatever goal you set to get the money. Best to go with a lower funding request and include stretch goals if you reach your goal. As long as you reach your initial funding goal, missing stretch goals won’t stop you getting the funding. I recently ran across one campaign – that had a goal of $500 and so far has reached $25,000+ with several days left. It’s not guaranteed that using Kickstarter will get your campaign funded as evidenced by projects like this one that weren’t funded:

Indiegogo to have a much lower success rate of fully funding, but that could be for any number of reasons. It allows flexible funding so you get to keep the money even if you don’t reach the goal. It also let you add funded products in Indiegogo‘s marketplace. You can do something similar with Kickstarter, but have to use Backerkit to do it. Here’s an unusual example: This gives your campaign a potential second income source.

Patreon: A popular crowdsourcing platform. It’s a subscription model: you set how much you want to fund as a regular backer. The platform allows the creator to offer deals at different levels. This is similar to Kickstarter‘s different funding levels. For example, Death Wears Bunny Slippers (DWBS) – strong language warning, has several levels of support. For example, once you donate $5/month or higher, you get access to Patreon videos that aren’t available to those who give less than $5/month. In an interesting twist, once your donation hits $50 total, you get a free T-shirt and at $100 total donation, they add your name to the blast door. You don’t have to donate that much/month as they set it up to be cumulative. So, if you donated $5/month, at 10 months, you get the T-shirt and at 20 months, you get your name added to the blast door. This one,, has over 3,900 donors giving over $9,700/month, not your typical monthly amount, but an example of what’s possible.

GoFundMe: You can do it for yourself, a friend, or a charity. Tends to be short-term projects, medical emergencies, etc. Here’s one that is a cemetery wreath decoration project created by a SeaBee group that places wreaths at a national cemetery every December,

The Navy Seabee Veterans of America, Island X-5 Lancaster, PA have contributed their time and monies over the past years in supporting the Wreaths Across America Program at the Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetery, Gap, PA . We have come to a point where our member’s passion for having wreaths for many more at Fort Indiantown Gap be made available. Last year many graves did not receive a wreath. It would be a great honor to present many more fallen with a wreath in December 2018.

Crowdrise: Acquired by GoFundMe in early 2017, but has its own website. It can be used for nonprofits, weddings, birthday parties, funding scholarships, etc. Here’s a SeaBee one to help remodel the SeaBee Museum,,

PledgeMusic: Designed for musicians. It can cover expenses, going on tours, etc. You can also provide donors with rewards if they pledge a certain amount.

Razoo: redirects to – it was formerly named Razoo. Here’s one example: (Gulfport, Mississippi SeaBees). Focused mostly on non-business fundraising.

RocketHub: Designed for venture capital. ELEQUITY Funding Room is a place to pitch your project idea, generate interest; this can lead to getting advice and even additional funding.

Crowdfunder: From the article:

It has a fairly straightforward name, which matches what it’s for.

Crowdfunder lets you sell equity and debt in your business to attract angel investors and venture capitalists to raise money for your projects.

It’s like a regular venture capital program, but with the online infrastructure to raise awareness usually beyond smaller business’ means.

Fees range from 0% to 3%, not counting any fees passed on by whatever payment option is used.

Give: This is a WordPress plug-in. Designed for nonprofits. Runs $15, $25, or $35/month for the add-ons, depending on option you choose, but 0% commission.Researching for more information.

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