FDA clears the first consumer genetic test for how well your medications may work — with caveats

Thanks go out to Debbie of Cruwys News, https://cruwys.blogspot.com/, for posting the link to this article in the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) Facebook group. Here’s the link: https://www.statnews.com/2018/10/31/fda-clears-23-and-me-genetics-test-drug-effectiveness/.

Hopefully, 23andMe won’t overprice this test since  most of the DNA markers are available from other companies. Considering how much you can get a deep DNA test from several companies. For example, you can get a full DNA test from Full Genomes Corporation (FGC) – https://www.fullgenomes.com/whole-genome-sequencing/ with prices ranging from $645.00 (15x read), $900.00 (20x read), and $1295 (30x read). Based on YSEQ, 30x read is considered the minimum for medical purposes. YSEQ –  https://www.yseq.net/index.php?cPath=29&osCsid=3eb6b0e324dd015cb47ccd81e45008eb (not an affiliate link) offers Whole Genome testing: $740 (15x read), 30x read costs $600 more than the 15x read price ($1,340), and 50x read for $1,430 on top of the 15x read price ($2,170). There are other companies that offer either full DNA or whole exome with prices ranging from $499 – $999 at Dante Labs: https://us.dantelabs.com/collections/our-tests; other companies range anywhere from around $1,000 to $3,000+.

The article mentions Color Genomics  which will soon be offering a $249 DNA test in Albertsons stores – https://www.fooddive.com/news/albertsons-to-provide-dna-testing-for-mental-health-issues-at-some-stores/524545/ that is being offered if physician ordered,  https://blog.color.com/welcome-to-the-new-color-a5f80fff6a3e:

When it does hit the market, the new product will bring a new dynamic to a crowded commercial landscape of other so-called pharmacogenetic tests. Some of them are meant to be ordered by a health care provider or offered by a pharmacist: Just last month, Color Genomics became the latest genetic testing company to launch a physician-ordered test, as part of a $249 product, that reports on the potential effectiveness of antidepressants including Zoloft, Paxil, and Lexapro.

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