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Via blog: National Cemetery Veterans Day Photos: Find the Fallen.

National Cemeteries and Veterans Day go hand-in-hand. Who do you know that is a Veteran? Do you have a plan to show gratitude for their service? One way to honor the memory of those who have served our country is to find the fallen in a national cemetery. Use the BillionGraves app to document their grave and have it tagged with a GPS location.


10 Ways to Honor Veterans this Veterans Day

  1. Take BillionGraves photos at a National Cemetery (instructions available at )
  2. Thank a Veteran for their service
  3. Ask Veterans about their service in the military and truly listen to their story
  4. Put a flag in your yard
  5. Visit Veterans at a Veterans hospital
  6. Take dinner to a Veteran
  7. Write a letter to someone currently serving in the military
  8. Call a Veteran family member
  9. Take a quiet moment to be thankful for Veterans and your freedom
  10. Teach a child what it means to be a Veteran

There’s a lot more in the BillionGraves link above than what snippets I shared. Worth checking out. I want to thank the BillionGraves contributor who photographed my parents and niece who are buried in Biloxi National Cemetery – a handful of the 18,000 graves have been photographed on BillionGraves. I don’t live close or I would help out getting the rest photographed.

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