AncestryDNA Offering DNA Traits for $19.99 and Rumors of Dropping AncestryDNA Price to $79

In one of the Facebook groups I belong to, I saw a post about AncestryDNA Traits: (don’t know if it’s an affiliate link or not). It’s $19.99 and includes 18 traits according to the link. Indicates a Compare Feature coming soon.

In the same group, there was mention of Ancestry dropping its DNA test to $79.00 Clarification: this would be a permanent drop to $79. Which is interesting since I recently made the point, MyHeritageDNA $59 Halloween Sale Ends November 1, 2018 (okay, I also made the point that $59 may become the new price), that to stay competitive  , LivingDNA/FindMyPastDNA, and 23andMe would need to drop their prices to $79.00 if they want to compete with FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) and MyHeritageDNA who have been pricing their DNA kits at $79.00 for a while. However, adding Traits separately for $19.99 more than offsets lowering the price permanently to $79.00.

It’s only a matter of time before MyHeritageDNA lowers its regular price to $59.00 and any company that is sticking with $99.00 or $79.00 will be left in the dust if they don’t follow suit. Imagine if many of the 12+ million AncestryDNA customers did the free upload to MyHeritageDNA. So far, it’s only estimated that bit over 200,000 have chosen to do so. Buying AncestryDNA, LivingDNA, or 23andMe for more than $79.00 is a questionable use of money when you can get kits at MyHeritageDNA and FTDNA for $79.00 as a regular price. The exception would be if you need a kit right away and you can’t wait for a sale: i.e., a person is dying or is likely to die before a good sale comes along.

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