New Bundles on Bundle of Holding,, and Humble Bundle

Several new bundles on sale at Bundle of Holding,, and Humble Bundle. Added to Gaming Sunday Week of October 28, 2018.

Bundle of Holding Bundles:

Bundle of Tentacles 5: Ends November 19, 2018.

Support Charity: American Veterans Archaeological Recovery (AVAR):

Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to the Mythos-appropriate charity American Veterans Archaeological Recovery, a nonprofit that rehabilitates disabled military veterans through goal-oriented, team-centered excavations with a community of archaeological researchers. AVAR CEO Steven Humphreys says, “We don’t find many cursed artifacts (some…), but doing this stuff gets about as close as most of us really want to be to the type of adventures we create in roleplaying games.”

Number of bundles sold 182

Threshold (level-up) price: $17.32 (as of October 29, 2018).

Starter Collection – $6.95 (retail value $50)

The Things We Leave Behind
Contemporary Magical Things
Old Ones Rising
Medieval and Renaissance Libraries

Bonus Collection (worth $98.00; $48.00 for the Bonus Collection items + $50 for the Starter Collection items)

Fear’s Sharp Little Needles
Hudson & Brand Bundles:

Redout Complete Pack: It is 48 hours sale (around 43 hours remaining as of October 29, 2018, 4:30 P.M. U.S. Central Time). Five (5) games. Sale price $17.39. Regular price $86.92.

Star Wars – Unleashed Bundle: Five (5) games (Sith or Jedi related); sale price $8.99, regular price $59.99. Ends November 1, 2018. SCREAM666 promo code will save you another 6.66%.

Humble Bundle Bundles:

Humble Book Bundle: Java by Packt: Ends November 12, 2018. 

$1,712 worth of digital books (if you pay for the highest tier)

1,946 Bundles Sold (as of October 29, 2018).

Support Charity: GameChanger

Payments to GameChanger are made via the PayPal Giving Fund –

Founded in 2007, GameChanger was started by entrepreneur Jim Carol after his son Taylor was diagnosed with terminal leukemia at age 11. After witnessing how video games and the kindness of strangers helped during treatment, Jim and Taylor dedicated their lives to philanthropy and created GameChanger so that they could positively impact lives across the world. We strive to help hospitalized children avoid the dramatic interruption to their lives when they are diagnosed with cancer. We leverage our personal experiences with pediatric cancer to deliver impactful, tangible and meaningful services to deserving families.

GameChanger’s mission is to positively impact the lives of children & families suffering from life-threatening illnesses through video games, compassion and innovation. GameChanger delivers meaningful services directly to hospital patients/staff, awards financial aid/college scholarships, brings gifts of games/toys and hosts special gaming events for patients.

We bring games and gameplay to them in the fashion they are accustomed to playing. Our focus is using technology and innovation to help children battling cancer and rare diseases. We leverage the 5 years the founder’s family spent in patient battling pediatric cancer in order to create never before seen gameplay and events.

Some of the programs and events we do are:

Gamers Give Back Tour: The Gamers Give Back Tour “GGB Tour” is an uplifting celebration that brings gifts, food, gaming & lasting memories to every hospital visited. Events include a variety of activities: distributing catered meals to staff/patients, delivering age appropriate gifts to
GameChanger Days – unique gaming experiences inside of hospitals with Gaming Celebrities and hospital patients where unforgettable memories are created and the kids have the time of their lives playing games with their idols!
Financial aid – We provide financial support to families suffering from cancer and life-threatening illnesses ie paying rent, hospital bills.
Scholarship Fund – GameChanger funds character-based college scholarships to cancer patient/survivors nominated by their doctors and nurses.
Online Events: Examples of some of the events we have done; Mining for Change, featured 18 of the most popular Minecrafters playing alongside kids with life-threatening illnesses during a 3 hour Minecraft UHC team competition streamed live on Twitch. Kasper and Friends’ 4th Annual Quest for the Cause was a week-long gaming marathon during which over 65 Twitch Streamers played their favorite games and endured hilarious donation challenges.

The most important thing we do is hold the hands of the children and their families as we are the only video game charity, or for that matter the only Charity we have encountered that is trusted in the sacred ground of HemOnc, Burn units, NICU & PICU. We show up humble, heads down, quiet with a focus on helping the children, caregivers and families – with a positive energy, and surprise gifts that bring incredible joy.

Pay $1 or more

Spring Security Third Edition
Learning RxJava
Learn Algorithms and Data Structures in Java for Day-to-Day Applications (Video)
Java 9 Concurrency Cookbook Second Edition
Master Java Web Services and REST API with Spring Boot (Video)

Pay $8 or more

Learning Java EE 8 (Video)
Building Web Apps with Spring 5 and Angular
Java EE 8 Application Development
Cloud-Native Applications in Java
Java 9 Programming By Example
Java EE 8 Cookbook
Java Projects Second Edition
Java for beginners: Step-by-step hands-on guide to Java (Video)

Pay $15 or more

Java EE 8 Microservices (Video)
Learning Spring Boot 2.0 Second Edition
Mastering Java Machine Learning
Architecting Modern Java EE Applications
Java EE 8 and Angular
Spring 5 Design Patterns
Java 11 Cookbook Second Edition
Learning Java by Building Android Games Second Edition
Mastering Java 11 Second Edition
Learn Spring Boot in 100 Steps – Beginner to Expert (Video)
Master Microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud (Video)

FREE Neverwinter add-on content!

Neverwinter is an action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game.

Exclusive free content includes the Intern Starter Pack: a Ensorcelled Mulhorand Weapon, a Bag of Holding, and a Stone of Health.

NOTE: Please note that if you redeem your code for this game, Humble Bundle may receive a commission or fee.

Kickstarter Campaigns:

Kickstarter Newest Campaigns:



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