Letter from Gulfport (Florida) Historical Society

Note: some of the below links are donation or order links to help the Society as it recovers from the fire and works towards digitizing its records. 

I received the following e-mail from the president of the Gulfport (Florida) Historical Society, Cathy Salustri, – http://www.gulfporthistoricalsociety.org/I mentioned the fire a while back in Gulfport (Florida) Historical Museum/Society Labor Day 2018 Fire. I included some excerpts from the e-mail below.

Not listed in the e-mail, but from my post above, you can designate the Society as your charity of choice on Amazon’s Smile program:

The society/museum is registered with Amazon Smile (https://smile.amazon.com/ch/59-2233310) and if you choose them, they receive a small percentage of any qualifying items you buy when purchasing through Amazon Smile (NOTE: you need to be on Smile.Amazon.com when placing the order and not on http://www.Amazon.com for the charity to receive the donation). If you aren’t familiar with Amazon Smile, it’s a program run by Amazon where a percentage of all qualifying purchases can be donated to a charity.

E-mail excerpts:

A letter from Cathy Salustri, president of the Gulfport Historical Society.
It feels like it’s been a lifetime since we had the opening reception for Read All About It: 50 Years of Hyperlocal News.

That exhibit was an exciting time for the Gulfport Historical Society, because it represented a new chapter in how we worked with the community to share our history. I was over-the-moon excited about so many facets of the exhibit, and the Gabber shared some of their artifacts — the original phone from the newspaper, photographs never before seen by anyone outside the newspaper staff and other one-of-a-kind items that you’d only be able to see at the Gulfport History Museum.


What if a tree had fallen on the museum during Hurricane Irma, like it did to this museum during Hurricane Michael?


As we’ve mentioned in the days following the Labor Day Fire, we need funding to digitize the collection. That includes proper archival processes (to retard decay) in addition to unbinding books, scanning and re-binding books. It’s not a simple matter of getting a scanner and saving the items to the cloud (oh, how I wish it were). The handling of the records themselves require specific protocols.

Many of you have already been quite generous with your donations, and we thank you — I thank you — for that. But we still need more money; digitization is expensive. It will be worth it; once complete, people anywhere in the world will be able to search through our records and photographs. And — most importantly — those records and photographs will be safe from fire, hurricanes or random acts of disaster.

We need your help. Here’s how you can help protect our community’s heritage:

1. Donatehttps://squareup.com/market/gulfport-historical-society-inc/item/gulfport-history-museum-fire-donation. Whatever you can. Even $5 helps. You can also donate at the Gulfport Beach Bazaar.

2. Make monthly donations (e-mail Society for details at info@gulfporthistoricalsociety.org and they will respond on how to do this) — easily. We can debit your checking account or credit card for any amount you choose, from $5 to $100.

3. Pre-order a commemorative Labor Day Fire t-shirt – https://squareup.com/market/gulfport-historical-society-inc/item/fanning-the-flames-of-history-t-shirt-pre-sale (appears to be in-store pick-up, but I e-mailed asking about other options) or postcardhttps://squareup.com/market/gulfport-historical-society-inc/item/fanning-the-flames-of-history-postcards-pre-salehttps://squareup.com/market/gulfport-historical-society-inc/item/fanning-the-flames-of-history-postcards-pre-sale (again appears to be in-store only). Local artist Steve Smith based his design on a screenshot from a video taken of the fire.

4. Visit the Gulfport Beach Bazaar and buy something from the our Square Mullet Gift Shop. We have books by local authors, coffee mugs, portable dog bowls, and a myriad of other items.

5. Become a memberhttps://squareup.com/market/gulfport-historical-society-inc/item/membership-individual-family. We have membership levels for every budget, and you can pay for your membership over the course of one year. While the cost of your membership isn’t tax-deductible, it does come with lots of other benefits.

6. Become a business member – https://squareup.com/market/gulfport-historical-society-inc/item/membership-business. Benefits include newsletter advertising and other perks.

7. Volunteer with ushttps://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f054bafac29a3ff2-november. We need volunteers at our events — we need people who can get comfortable using the Square for our booth at Holiday Hoopla, we need people we can train as tour guides and we need people to check in folks at our twice-monthly original walking tours. If you can help with any or all of these things, you can sign up here. If you’d like to be a tour guide, please reach out to Cathy Salustri via email.

Whatever you choose to do, thank you for your support, your kind words when we pass on the street, and for being a part of our amazing, resilient, historical community.

Copyright © 2018 Gulfport Historical Society, All rights reserved.



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