Belated Happy National Dog Day – August 26, 2018

Apologies to dog lovers as I didn’t realize there was a National Dog Day until I read about National (or International or World) Cat Day earlier today. As I mentioned in Happy National Cat Day, we owned more dogs than cats when I was growing up. I didn’t mention they tended to be German Shepherds or Dachshunds with an occasional Heinz 57 mutt. One of my aunts, technically a half-aunt for those who are genealogy purists, preferred Chihuahuas. Looks like somebody needs to add a Wikipedia article for the event as I didn’t find one. There is a Facebook page,, and a Twitter account: In an interesting twist, in today’s live stream on Americana’s Kickstarter campaign – you can see the replay at, somebody suggested having a dog Role-Playing Game (RPG).

You can learn more about National Dog Day at I fell in love with Dalmatians after reading this book by Dodie Smith:, much better than the Disney versions. A big difference is the original book had four (4) adult dogs and 97 puppies.  As much as I would love to have a Dalmatian, I have never had one aside from stuffed animals and other memorabilia.

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