UNREAL Mobile Coming Soon to Best Buy, Target, and Amazon

Thank you to BESTmvno – https://bestmvno.com/ for its weekly e-mail update that alerted me to this update: https://bestmvno.com/unreal-mobile/unreal-mobile-is-coming-to-a-best-buy-and-target-near-you/. I have an UNREAL Mobile phone plan; it’s $15.00/30 day billing cycle for 2GB LTE with unlimited 2G data when I exceed my LTE limit with unlimited talk and text (all plans come with unlimited talk and text, and unlimited 2 G data once you exceed your plan limits), and that’s my total cost as they include the taxes and other fees as part of the plan. You can get different plans: $10 gets you 1 GB LTE; $30 gets you 5 GB LTE; and $40 gets you 10 GB LTE, and you can purchase more LTE if desired for $0.02/MB. It’s available on both GSM (AT&T VOIP only – similar to FreedomPop, which is the parent company of UNREAL Mobile) and CDMA (uses Sprint towers). My phone is a CDMA and uses Sprint towers so I don’t have to deal with the issues many report with VOIP access for GSM phones. I have been using UNREAL Mobile since mid-July 2018 and I have good Sprint coverage where I tend to use the phone on a regular basis. I transferred the number from Boost Mobile after they dropped the Boost Dealz rewards app which meant I went from only paying $10/billing cycle to paying $30. You can purchase a phone from UNREAL Mobile or use a SIM card or Bring Your Own Phone. They also offer two Hotspot devices you can purchase.

UNREAL Mobile – https://www.unrealmobile.com/ products currently available online at BestBuy – https://www.bestbuy.com/ (type in UNREAL Mobile), I expect the online offers will grow as time goes on,  and will soon be available in local stores.

Nothing available yet online at Target.comhttps://www.target.com/, but one research company indicates limited availability in Target stores: https://cache.bestmvno.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Wave7Research-Recently-Spotted-UNREAL-Mobile-At-A-Target-Store-In-Kansas.jpg.

What’s available on Amazon at the moment: https://www.amazon.com/UNREAL-Mobile-Unlimited-Talk-Starter/dp/B07JGNN4DC with more items expected in the near future.

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