AncestryDNA Kits Now Available Again on

Updated October 22, 2018: AncestryDNA kits are back on Amazon as of 530 PM U.S. Central Time.

Updated: Apparently, it’s not across all of the Amazon sites as I found AncestryDNA kits on Amazon‘s Canadian site: and United Kingdom (U.K.) site: The U.K. site specifically mentions it doesn’t ship to the United States (U.S.), but no mention of this limitation on the Canadian site. I will continue to monitor the situation on a regular basis in case it comes back available on Amazon‘s U.S. site. There has been a small rash of people fraudulently purchasing AncestryDNA kits using stolen credit card numbers and then reselling them on EBay and Amazon. The good news is that if you timely report the issue to Amazon or EBay, they will refund your money.

When I ran my daily DNA search today for price changes, I noticed that AncestryDNA was no longer showing when I clicked on 23andMe‘s Amazon link. Usually, when I scroll down to see the combination deal Amazon offers for 23andMe, it shows 23andMe ($99 test) + AncestryDNA + 23andMe ($199 test). Today it only showed the two 23andMe tests. I didn’t think much of it until I clicked on and got the Amazon dog page. For those not familiar with the Amazon dog page, this is what you get (different dogs can be shown so you may not see Corbin).

Sorry! We couldn't find that page. Try searching or go to Amazon's home page.

Dogs of Amazon

That’s different than the Currently Unavailable page, like the Dante Labs DNA one I was going to show you, but it went from Currently Unavailable to having a price. Finally found one: (Nuclear War Weapons Of Mass Destruction  by Flying Buffalo):

Nuclear War Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Currently unavailable.

We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.

It’s expected that Flying Buffalo will start selling this game again by early 2019 or possibly sooner so if you are viewing it and you see it’s available, that’s why.

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