MyHeritageDNA $59 Halloween Sale Ends November 1, 2018

In my usual daily scans of the different DNA companies prices, I noticed that MyHeritageDNA is having a $59 Halloween Sale that ends November 1, 2018 with free shipping if you order 2+ kits in one order. You can see more at Added it to the Current October 2018 DNA Sales.

If they  keep this up, the new standard price for autosomal DNA testing will be $59.  Lately, MyHeritageDNA has been keeping the price at $59 most of the time with only occasional times where they pump it back up to $79. If nothing else, I believe we will see the competition (23andMe, AncestryDNA, LivingDNA/FindMyPastDNA, and possibly Geno 2.0 Next) lowering it to $79. FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) lowered their autosomal DNA test, FamilyFinder, to $79 a while back.

MyHeritageDNA is becoming a major contender in the genealogical DNA world. Over a month ago, they hit 1.75 million DNA users: That puts them third after AncestryDNA (estimated 13 million DNA tested) and 23andMe (over 8 million DNA tested).  Plus, they are the only company of the three offering free DNA transfers. Even when they reduce the benefits of the free transfers on December 1, 2018, it’s still more than AncestryDNA or 23andMe offer. Imagine if many or even most of those two companies’ DNA testers opted to upload to MyHeritageDNA. Most of the MyHeritageDNA testers have been testing by ordering DNA kits with only a small portion (around 200,000 last I heard, probably a bit more now) doing transfers.

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