How I Come Up With Things to Blog About

It really depends. In some cases, I see an article, social media post, etc. on one of the topics I blog about. In other cases, it gets interesting because either a person asks or answers a question on Facebook or other social media or makes a comment about something. I haven’t started it fully yet (I recently added a Gaming Sunday Week post), but some bloggers have specific days of the week where they blog about different topics. It could be one day is DNA day, another day is genealogy day, another day is legal day, another day is missing relative day, etc. I also look at what other bloggers are blogging about, and in many cases, I will simply share their blog post on my blog with or without additional comments from me.

It’s actually fairly easy to come up with blog post topics. Pick an area or areas that interest you, do some research, but make sure you are researching on all sides of a topic if it’s one that is going to generate a lot of potential readers (i.e., political, religious, etc.).

My blog posts run the gamut from gaming (RPGs, Wargaming, Board Games, Card Games, etc.), spirituality, humor, DNA, genealogy, history, First Nations (aka Native Americans), mental health, and cemeteries to reviews of goods, services, and products. The last is something I do as a service. I believe it’s important to praise a company that does something worth praising, but also to call out a company that needs to be called out. With reviews, I try to give the good, the bad, and the ugly – i.e., what I like, don’t like, and in between. No doubt some will find my list daunting and I may later branch out some of the topics to their own blogs (gaming comes to mind as soon as I come up with a catchy blog name for it). Others will say I am doing too much for one blog. While I don’t disagree with them, it’s easier to do stuff on one blog than it is to do it on several. I have a friend who manages several blogs and does it on different blog platforms (WordPress, Webbly, possibly others). I don’t envy her doing it across blog platforms. I have a Blogger

I routinely have dozens of blog post drafts (70 right now) – of those, many will get posted, but a fair number will be discarded as they are no longer relevant by the time I am able to complete the research. In one case, I have a blog post that I started in 2013 that is an ongoing one as I do the research to figure out where everybody was buried. It’s only 70 some odd names, but it’s a long painstaking process to make sure I am correctly documenting everybody’s burial location; in this case I am looking at several graving sites which adds a lot of time to the research. In this instance, it’s date specific so I have a target date of December 7th. For the most part, the Draft posts aren’t time sensitive so I can post them as I complete the research.

I normally don’t do many Scheduled posts although I do have some. If I were to ever take an extended vacation where I didn’t have Internet access, I would schedule posts for the days I wouldn’t have Internet access which is another reason to have a lot of Draft posts available. I have two Scheduled posts (Alphabetical List of DNA Testing Companies – months in the making and probably the longest blog post I will ever compose and  Frozen Dead Guy Days – 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡 𝟖𝐭𝐡, 𝟗𝐭𝐡, & 𝟏𝟎𝐭𝐡, 𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟗 – the festival is in early March and I don’t want to forget to mention it). I will add a few more Scheduled posts that are time sensitive (CoastCon 2019 – second week-end in March, Thresher Show – last week-end in July; Black Friday/CyberMonday DNA Sales, BillionGraves Million in May Contest – worth a look if you are into photographing headstones or transcribing headstones). I update the posts as the dates get closer with new information. For non-time sensitive posts, I will add a few Scheduled as time permits.

Combining unusual items can be a good twist for blog post. For example, I am working on a blog post showing how an author or inspiring writer can use Role-Playing Games (RPGs) supplements in ways that I rarely read about.  And the author/writer doesn’t have to play or like RPGs to use this technique. It could also work in reverse if you have a GameMaster (GM) who is stuck.

I normally stay away from controversial posts (politics, religion, sex, etc.) although they tend to generate the most views and can build your blog followers with people from all sides reading your blogs. Controversy and drama both sell. I don’t have cable TV, but when I did, I watched many of the cooking competition shows. People would be amazed when the drama king/queen was still on the show long past when they should have been voted off. I figured out early on being a drama king/queen was how many of them stayed on. I don’t know if the contestant was such a drama king/queen in real life, but they were on the show. The same applies to other reality TV shows where a drama personality stays on long after the audience thinks they should. I monitor YouTube videos and see too many controversy/drama videos with outrageous amounts of views (think millions or tens of millions of views). I could go that route with my blog and in a sense, I eventually will, but only because I see too many DNA experts making very bad assumptions about DNA. But, I am not doing it to generate more readers as I am not a fan of doing blog posts or vlog videos/audios designed simply to gain popularity or notoriety.



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