Still Waiting on LivingDNA Transfer Results

Thought I would update what’s happening with my three DNA tests that were transferred to LivingDNA – My 23andMe – raw data was uploaded in mid-December 2017. My AncestryDNA – and FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA) – raw data results were uploaded August 1, 2018. All three tests show as being uploaded and no indication on when the results will be provided. I hoped my results would be available before now. Some of the items that are available to those who upload using the free limited transfers are supposed to be only  free for a limited amount of time. At the going rate, it may well be November 1, 2018 before many get their transfers processed. I mentioned my 23andMe transfer being processed back in January 2018:  LivingDNA Results Being Processed. I am curious if the 23andMe results process first as they were uploaded over seven (7) months before AncestryDNA and FamilyTree DNA (FTDNA).

LivingDNA mentioned a while back of a plan to offer the ability for a full transfer upgrade to those who took advantage of the free limited transfer, but I have yet to see how much it will cost. It’s is my desire that they go the route of FTDNA and offer an upgrade for a reasonable price. FTDNA offers free limited transfer upgrades for $19 with occasional sales of the upgrades as low as $10. As much as I would like to see a low price for upgrades, I am not confident they will go with a low upgrade pricing scheme. If they go with a pricing level that is too close to the $99 regular price or the sale price of $79, then I would go with waiting until LivingDNA, FindMyPast, or Amazon put the test on sale for $79 or less. I would probably do the same thing if they went with a somewhat lower price point that was still too high as I don’t reward companies for unwise pricing decisions. It’s been a while back, but a publisher offered me a minor discount for an ebook I wanted to buy, and I chose to pay the full price for the print copy because it cut much deeper into their profit margin than it cost me with the slightly higher price.

I hope LivingDNA proves me wrong on how much the upgrade will cost, but in my experience, it’s the exception and not the norm. Same for 23andMe as they plan on offering v3 chip testers like me an upgrade to v5 chip in the near future.

I haven’t seen how FindMyPast will incorporate LivingDNA results into their system, but I expect it will be similar to how Ancestry and MyHeritage incorporate DNA into their systems.

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