Humble Bundle and Bundle of Holding Updates

I added the new Bundle of Holding and Humble Bundle bundles to Gaming Sunday Week of October 7, 2018.

Bundle of Holding Update:

Palladium Horror (Week 2 of October Horrors): Starter Collection Bundle worth  $45; Bonus Collection worth another $50.50. Ends October 29, 2018.

Starter Collection – $9.95

  • Beyond the Supernatural™ 2E
  • Nightbane®
  • Dead Reign®
  • Dead Reign: Civilization Gone

Bonus Collection (Threshold Level $19.98 – October 8, 2018)

  • Nightbane: Between the Shadows
  • Nightbane: Nightlands™
  • Nightbane: Through the Glass Darkly
  • Nightbane Survival Guide
  • Dead Reign: Dark Places

Ten percent of your payment (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to the charity selected by Kevin Siembieda of Palladium Books, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Humble Bundle Update:

Make: Electronics 2018: (Three tiers). Ends October 22, 2018.

Charity for these bundles is: Maker Ed:

Maker Ed

Payments to Maker Ed are made via the Tides Foundation.

Maker Ed is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating more opportunities for all young people to develop confidence, creativity, and interest in science, technology, engineering, math, art, and learning as a whole through making. Through its support of educators and communities, Maker Ed plays a national leadership role in both broadening access to and deepening the impact of meaningful making and learning experiences for youth. Your contribution to Maker Ed goes towards connecting educators and communities through our growing network, providing professional development to educators, building capacity for making opportunities at organizations and in communities, and building and sharing best-practices and research efforts around maker education — bringing us one step closer to our vision of Every Child a Maker. Maker Ed is a project of the Tides Center, a registered 501(c)3 non-profit public charity.

Pay $1 or More
Getting Started with Soldering
Make: Wearable Electronics
Electricity for Young Makers: Making a Penny-Powered Flashlight
a Flying LED Copter, and More!
Encyclopedia of Electronic Components, Vol. 1: Power Sources & Conversion
$10 off Make: Magazine Print Subscription and Memberships

Pay $8 or more (in addition to $1 Tier items):
Easy Electronics
Make: Analog Synthesizers: Make Electronic Sounds the Synth-DIY Way
Getting Started with the Photon: Making Things with the Affordable, Compact, Hackable WiFi Module
Make: Action: Movement, Light, and Sound with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Jumpstarting the Raspberry Pi Zero W
Encyclopedia of Electronic Components, Vol. 2: Signal Processing

Pay $15 or more (in addition to $1 and $8 tiers for this bundle):
Make: Drones
Linux for Makers
Make: Sensors
Jumpstarting C
Jumpstarting JavaScript
Encyclopedia of Electronic Components, Vol. 3: Sensors

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