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MyHeritageDNA End of Summer Sale Raised from the Dead $59 + Free Shipping When Ordering 2+ Kits

In doing my daily check of current monthly DNA sales I was surprised to see MyHeritageDNA, https://www.myheritage.com/dna, had revived their End of Summer Sale. I am, glad to see they raised it from the dead as I wasn’t expecting a … Continue reading

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Are Modern Games Overproduced? — No Rerolls

Modern games. Many of them are not only fun and interesting games, but are beautiful objects in their own right. The thing is, these huge, impressive production values come at a price and can mask an otherwise disappointing game. Let’s … Continue reading

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All Trollhalla Press PDFs Free Through the End of October

Clarification: the free PDFs are only for the Trollhalla Press PDFs and does not include any other Tunnels and Trolls PDFs that are offered by other publishers on DriveThru RPG (DTRPG) or RPGNow. As I mentioned in several places, most … Continue reading

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