Gaming Sunday Week of September 30, 2018

Updated October 7, 2018: adding a new Gaming Sunday Week post in a bit. Updated October 5, 2018: Added the free PDFs for Trollhalla Press on DriveThru RPG and RPGNow to the Tunnels and Trolls Bundle of Holding below; also added a few new items (at the bottom). Updated October 3, 2018 – added three new Humble Bundle listings: Overwhelmingly PostiveVampire: The Masquerade, and Head First, and removed the bundles that have ended; October 2, 2018: added Weird War I and Weird War II for Bundle of Holding; also adding note about a new item added to Tunnels and Trolls Bundle.

While I will post gaming stuff (RPGs, Wargames, Board Games, Card Games, Computer/Console Games) at other times during the week, I decided to start doing a Gaming Sunday Weekly Post. Among other things, it will include Bundle of Holding ( – generally 3 – 5 bundles active at a time) and Humble Bundle ( – generally around 5 – 6 bundles active, not including the tons of other sale items that aren’t bundles) items in this post; some of which won’t be gaming related. I will update the post during the week as bundles go off sale and new bundles come on sale. I won’t be including all of the sale items on Humble Bundle as it can easily exceed a reasonable amount. The good news is you can save an item that has been on sale to a Wish List and you will be notified if and when it comes on sale again. For example, this game was recently on sale: – it requires a birthdate if you click on the only game in the list; the sale is over, but you can add it to your Wish List. I am a fan of Sid Meier’s Civilization computer games: (note, not all of the games are for Sid Meier’s Civ series (about half of the games in the link are for Sid’s Civ series (ranging from Civilization III to Civilization VI – some are on sale and some aren’t).

I will also include any crowdsources that are gaming related, from Kickstarter, Patreon, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, etc. For example, The Fantasy Trip by Steve Jackson on which was previously a Kickstarter project:

Bundle of Holding Bundles available:

Tunnels and Trolls Bundle: – mentioned in an earlier blog post: Bundle of Holding – Tunnels and Trolls RPG Bundles and am in the middle of writing a review of Tunnels and Trolls RPG. Bit over 10 days remaining (ends October 15, 2018). Update: they added a new item (Tunnels and Trolls 1E, 2013 reprint) to the Gamemaster Collection bundle – if you previously purchased the bundle, it is automatically added to your collection. Updated October 5, 2018: All items are free for what should be the rest of October 2018 on  Trollhalla Press – DriveThru RPG (DTRPG): (not an affiliate link) and on RPGNow: (not an affiliate link) You don’t need to order on both as RPGNow is part of the DriveThru RPG family. One of the free downloads includes the Solo Rules for Tunnels and Trolls. It is not the full set of rules, but if you go with the Tunnels and Trolls Bundle of Holding:, the Gamemaster Collection (currently at $19.30) includes the Deluxe Tunnels and Trolls Rulebook (DT&T).

Nobilis / Chuubo: Bit less than 8 days remaining.

Weird War I: Bit over 20 days remaining (October 22, 2018). I gave more information in Weird War I and Weird War II Bundle of Holding.

Weird War II: Bit over 20 days remaining (October 22, 2018): I gave more information in Weird War I and Weird War II Bundle of Holding.

Humble Bundle Bundles Availablealso check on Humble Bundle’s Facebook page as they are good about adding sale items that aren’t part of the highlighted bundles

Overwhelmingly Postive: (Three tiers).  Bit less than 13 days remaining (so around October 16, 2018). New to list.

Vampire: The Masquerade: (Three tiers). Bit less than 14 days remaining (so around October 17, 2018). New to list.

Head First: (Three tiers). Bit less than 12 days remaining (so around October 15, 2018). New to list.

Learn You Some Code by No Starch Press: Bit less than 5 days remaining (so around October 8, 2018).

Doctor Who Comics 2018 Bundle: See my earlier blog post on it: Humble Bundle Doctor Who Comic Book PDF Bundles. Bit less than 7 days remaining (so around October 10, 2018).

Other Humble Bundle Links:

On Sale (you can filter it a number of different ways, including Top Discounts, Bestselling, Alphabetically, Release Date, New Releases, Genres, Platform, DRM):

Paradox Interactive Week-end Sale (ends October 8, 2018) up to 75% off:

Square Enix Week Sale (no word on when it ends, but probably by the week-end or thereabouts) – up to 85% off:

Sid Meier’s Civilization (ranging from Civilization III to VI and a few others; not on sale at the moment):




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