Why I Never Say “I’ve Seen It All”

As I was digging through Draft posts, I came across this one I started January 8, 2014. The localstore is no longer in business, but it’s a great example of why I never say “I’ve seen it all.” It’s a category I added to my blog: I Haven’t Seen It All and I restrict to things that put me closer to seeing it all. My current saying is “I haven’t seen it all, but I’m getting closer” when I run across things like this store. There is still at least one of the stores still in business: http://www.tilwemeetagainaz.com/ (Phoenix, Arizona) and several that are no longer in business.

This store was in a major mall in Wichita, Kansas. From a news story in early February 2014, there were a number of  Til We Meet Again (TWMA) stores in five states as well as a goal of adding more, https://abcnews.go.com/Business/caskets-cremation-urns-sold-shopping-malls/story?id=22365054:

Manufacturer/retailer Til We Meet Again (TWMA) has been selling its caskets and urns out of malls since 2010. According to CEO Nathan Smith, it currently has stores at malls in Arizona, Texas, Indiana, Kansas and Louisiana.

Here’s a local newspaper article on the store in Wichita closing: https://www.kansas.com/news/business/article1148503.html.

I had planned on doing a review of this store in the near future, but since it’s no longer around and I have no plans to go to Phoenix, it may be a while before I review the Phoenix store.

Of the stores I found, here’s the latest (more information on a possible Arkansas store at the bottom of the post):

Wichita, Kansas – closed in 2014 according to local media.
Phoenix, Arizona – still open website: http://www.tilwemeetagainaz.com/
New Orleans, Louisiana (moved to Metairie after starting in Kenner – appears to be closed based on Google Maps, but found no information on it either way)
Amarillo, Texas – 7701 West Interstate 40 Suite #298 Amarillo Texas 79121 (address at one point) – appears to be closed, but working to verify
Fort Wayne, Indiana – 6413 Lima Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana   – appears to be closed althought it also has an address of 4201 Coldwater Road, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

http://www.tilwemeetagain.net (link not working, but here’s one on the Wayback Machine from January, 2014: https://web.archive.org/web/20140108021700/http://www.tilwemeetagain.net

Til We Meet Again

Til We Meet Again

Here are a couple of YouTube videos on a TWMA store in a different state: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEu6kZxoK2Q and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H85-ppiwE0s


Appears to be other stores opened or had planned on opening in Wisconsin, Arkansas, including this one at 9265 E Plentywood Rd,Bentonville, Arkansas 72712 (don’t know if the phone number is valid.




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